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A famous scene in a blockbuster hit, The Matrix; the bullet time feature has now been exploding in popularity at events, where guests are able to be a part of the action. With our new Bullet Time Photo Booth, we can take a moment in your guests’ experience and create a fun 3D animation. Using well-placed cameras for a 180-degree angle, your guests will be dancing, jumping, and throwing confetti, and we will capture a split second of the fun, creating a shareable and unique boomerang/GIF.


You may be wondering what could add some flare to your next party, maybe a fun ice-breaker at your next corporate event, well this can be just that.

This new technology is adding an experience that most only dream about. For decades when we showed each other photos, it was in an album, 2 dimensional, and in the beginning black and white. The Bullet Time Photo Booth / Array Photo Booth is a literal dream come true.


We will sit down and customize your experience. You may be wondering what fun your guests can have with a Bullet Time Photo Booth, well let us give you some ideas. We are here to help you plan the perfect experience for you and your guests. From in-the-air kicking poses to jumping out of the way of something, each photo will be exactly what you are looking for. As with all of our booths, your guests can use props to also enhance their photo experience.

Things To Consider When It Comes To Customizing:

• First - you can always call us and chat about your event if you don’t have any ideas. We can help.

• Are there specific colors associated with the event?

• What will guests be wearing or expected to wear? Attire can elevate the event theme!

• What’s the event theme? Not sure? Our party theme ideas have you covered.

• Are there objects that might emphasize your event more than others?


• We can incorporate them as props, or even as part of the backdrop!

360 Photo Booth-MiHi Entertainment
Corporate 180 Photo Booth-	MiHi Entertainment


The Array Photo Booth is just what our clients have been asking for. When people think of a photo booth, many think of a single camera. With our new booth, we use 7 cameras, strategically placed to make a single movement a beautiful, realistic 3D photo. No longer do you have to settle for a regular photo, you can have them jumping out at you. Not only that, if you want, your guests will be able to take those photos home at the end of the night, you can add a printing as an add-on!

MiHi Photo Booth strives to not only help to make your party a success, we aim to make sure that your guests will always remember the fun they had. Not sure how it all works? Well don’t worry, our staff and attendants are trained and knowledgeable to help with any concerns during the process. An attendant will take care of all set-up, operation, and takedown of the Array Photo Booth at your event. But, feel free to keep scrolling to learn about the setup and process behind these unique booths. 


Trying to find something to help your employees open up and enjoy your next corporate function or retreat? Our Bullet Time Photo Booth will do just the trick. Employees are more productive and receptive when relaxed and comfortable in their surroundings. This fun addition will help you obtain that goal. They will be able to pose, have fun, and take home some great memories while having it all relate to work. Getting all of your employees on the same page is beneficial to your business to keep things flowing smoothly.

An Array Photo Booth will make an impact on your event, all you have to do is contact MiHi and leave it to us, making the rest of your planning your main focus, and reducing your stress in the process.

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