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From our 1974 VW Bus Booth that is in perfect condition, to our Groovy Photo Booth, we will have your retro party needs covered!  They will match your groovy party decor so much, your guests will start disco dancing the moment that they step into the room! (Just kidding)  Keep it copasetic with our bomb booths!

• Groovy Photo Booth

• Our VW Bus Photo Booth


Let us give you the skinny on our backdrops… With over 40 different backdrops to choose from, we can definitely find one that fits your groovy style!  And if for whatever reason we can’t, the options don’t end there:  We can do a green screen where you have endless possibilities for themed backgrounds or we can custom print one just for you.  No matter what you choose, our backdrops set the scene for your photos to turn out dy-no-mite!


Backdrops aren’t the only way to incorporate your theme:  Props are where it’s at!   From Rubix Cubes to Pacman, from crazy wigs to air guitars, your 70’s and 80’s themed props will be far out.  Can you dig it, man?  All of our props are mondo cool.


1. Fill out our Contact Form

(from there we will contact you and guide you through the process)

2. Choose your Photo Experience or Video Experience

3. Choose a theme, any theme!

Next, you will be able to select a Photo Strip Design and Backdrop to match your event! Keep it simple, easy, and fast with our streamlined booking process.


Feel tha funk and get down with da boogie with these groovy photo layout designs.  We have everything, including our 80’s Apres Ski themes to our Far Out 70’s vibe, or a fully custom design to take your design to the max! We’ve got radical, shagadelic, wicked design skills that’ll make you say “NEATO!"



Want something more than just a normal photo booth? Stick it to the man and get freaky-deaky with something like our green screen video booth! This funkadelic option will capture your guests movin’ and groovin’ until the break of dawn. You’ll have the choice of having only your guests moving OR having both your guests and the background moving… pretty nifty, huh?

Two ladies enjoying the MiHi 360 Photo Booth, taking a fun 360 video which they were able to send straight to their phones moments afterwards! Book your 360 Photo Booth with us today, we're voted #1!


Ever watched a 70’s or 80’s movie and fell in love with everything about it? So has the team here at MiHi Entertainment. There’s just something so appealing about the look. All the colors just pop and the vibe is just something that never seems to go out of style. We have put together the perfect setup to send you straight back to the 70’s and 80’s. We wish we could send you off in a Delorean, leaving Emmet “Doc” Brown standing in flaming tire tracks, but we think you’ll still have quite the time!

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