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If it were up to us, we’d have an entire booth made of flowers.  But, we can’t.  However, any of our booths are capable of incorporating flowers into them, whether that be on the booth itself, on the backdrop, or around the booth area as a “set”.  Our favorites are the Retro Mirror Booth, the Magic Mirror Booth, and the Corporate Booth, who’s back screen can be plastered with your choice of flower collage!

• Retro Mirror Booth

• Magic Mirror Booth

• Corporate Booth


While a full on floral wall is not something we offer, we can partner with your florist to make it happen!  Otherwise, if you want to choose from options that are already in our inventory, check out our 40+ backdrops, many of which will pair perfectly with any floral decor!


Rose petals or giant roses, anyone? Stop and smell the giant roses (or other large flowers) that are included in our prop offerings, along with all of your tried and true favorites like hats, signs, and glasses!


1. Fill out our Contact Form

(from there we will contact you and guide you through the process)

2. Choose your Photo Experience or Video Experience

3. Choose a theme, any theme!

Next, you will be able to select a Photo Strip Design and Backdrop to match your event! Keep it simple, easy, and fast with our streamlined booking process.


Flowers look amazing on photo layout designs!  Just tell us the types of flowers and the color scheme you want, and our graphic designer can create something completely custom just for you.  Or choose from our amazing Look Book of pre-made designs, which feature a ton of different floral options!



Add some flowers and flare to your Floral-Themed Wedding! See what add-ons are available to add to your package today!

Two ladies enjoying the MiHi 360 Photo Booth, taking a fun 360 video which they were able to send straight to their phones moments afterwards! Book your 360 Photo Booth with us today, we're voted #1!


From pink peonies to yellow roses and lilies to poppies - if your wedding is going to be covered in floral, then MiHi Entertainment has you covered!  We can work with your florist to cover the booth or backdrop in flowers or use the power of printing to make it LOOK like there’s a flower wall for a fraction of the price.  Either way, flowers are one of our favorite parts of wedding decor, and we love incorporating them into the booth however we can!

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