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Nothing captures the beauty of the great outdoors like a beautiful wood grain.  Both our Rustic Booth and our Tigerwood Booth feature beautiful, natural wood grains and are the perfect match for any outdoor themed event.

• Rustic Photo Booth

• Tigerwood Photo Booth


Everyone knows that Colorado is home to some of the most breathtaking, picturesque, natural backdrops on the planet but we like to think that our photos booth backdrops are a pretty close second (haha).  While they might not be able to compete with the real deal, our backdrops offer the perfect setting for your outdoor themed event.


Need a map and a compass to figure out which trail to take for your next journey? Or some ski goggles and a vest to keep you warm on our Ski Lift Photo Set?  The choice is yours with our awesome outdoor themed props. And, you can check out the rest of our props just to be sure you’re going down the right path.


1. Fill out our Contact Form

(from there we will contact you and guide you through the process)

2. Choose your Photo Experience or Video Experience

3. Choose a theme, any theme!

Next, you will be able to select a Photo Strip Design and Backdrop to match your event! Keep it simple, easy, and fast with our streamlined booking process.


If you’re going to do an outdoor-themed event, you want people to know it when they see your photos. You can use our floral or ferny photo layouts or pick from our Look Book of designs to find the perfect one for you. Can’t find anything that fits your party? Contact us and our amazing Graphic Designer will create something beautiful that fits your specifications! We don’t believe in “One Size Fit’s All” at MiHi.



Take your outdoor experience to the next level by adding on one of our Premium Sets to your photo booth experience!  Our White Water Raft photo set allows your guests to hit the rapids without ever getting a drop of water on them.  Or our Ski Lift photo set makes it look like your guests are riding up the mountain to get their shred on.  It’s also the largest ski lift set offered in Colorado, and can fit 5 people sitting across it!

Two ladies enjoying the MiHi 360 Photo Booth, taking a fun 360 video which they were able to send straight to their phones moments afterwards! Book your 360 Photo Booth with us today, we're voted #1!


Bringing the beauty of the rocky mountains and the great outdoors to an indoor event can be tricky but not with our amazing outdoor themed photo booth experiences! MiHi Entertainment knows just how to capture the scene and bring you the most unique experiences, no matter where you host your event.

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