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Sports are all about movement, so our top photo booth choice for this theme is our Roaming Boomerang Booth!  But if you’re looking for something stationary, look no further than the Corporate Booth, where you can put your favorite Sports Team logo on the back screen!

• Corporate Booth

• Roaming Photo Booth


We will be straight up with you:  we don’t have many backdrops that are sports specific.  However, you’ve still got options!  Option 1: Go with something neutral like our Neutral Grey Tension backdrop and let the photo layout design do the talking.  Option 2: Have your own sports themed backdrop custom printed.  Option 3: Upgrade to a Green Screen Backdrop and choose up to 6 sports themed backgrounds that your guests get to choose from onsite!  We like those numbers. And, if you still want to pursue our options outside of these options, check out our Backdrops page.


The bases are loaded.  Put on your spandex and helmet and get out there team!  No matter what sport you’re playing, we will have the props to make it happen.  So give us a quick “GO TEAM” on 3, and get out there and WIN! And if you need some more props thrown into the mix along with our killer equipment, check out our props page.


1. Fill out our Contact Form

(from there we will contact you and guide you through the process)

2. Choose your Photo Experience or Video Experience

3. Choose a theme, any theme!

Next, you will be able to select a Photo Strip Design and Backdrop to match your event! Keep it simple, easy, and fast with our streamlined booking process.


Don’t fumble with a lame photo layout design.  Let our graphic designer create a game plan together that is all your own or choose any of our amazing pre-made designs from our Look Book of designs.  The ball is in your court now, so book today!



Soccer, Football, and Baseball... OH MY! See what we can add to your event to make it stand out!

Two ladies enjoying the MiHi 360 Photo Booth, taking a fun 360 video which they were able to send straight to their phones moments afterwards! Book your 360 Photo Booth with us today, we're voted #1!


Sports and MiHi Entertainment have one thing in common: we are pretty competitive. Not only do we KNOW that we are the best photo booth and event entertainment company out there, but we want to make sure you know it too! So for your sports themed event, we will throw you the perfect pass to score a touch down with your guests so you can go for the gold!

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