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Really any of our booths could help you get down and dirty (we mean… sandy) at your summer- themed event!  But our favorites are the Groovy Booth and Retro Mirror Booth, that look like they could be found on the boardwalk pier with the ocean waves as the background!

Groovy Booth

Retro Mirror Booth


While you could do a DIY Beach Towel Backdrop, we’d highly recommend using one of our already totally tubular backdrop for your summer or beach themed event!  Can’t decide on just one?  Upgrade to our Green Screen backdrop and choose up to 6 different backgrounds (Hawaii, Barbados, Aruba, Jamaica?) so your guests can pick which beach they want to party on in their photo! And, make sure to check our all of our 40+ options just in case.


Splish, splash, like you’re taking a bath!  Our beach and summer themed props are endless.  From coconut bras to ukuleles, from beach balls to sailor hats, and everything in between!  If you want to mix in other props in with the summery, beachy ones- check out all of our options on the props page.


1. Fill out our Contact Form

(from there we will contact you and guide you through the process)

2. Choose your Photo Experience or Video Experience

3. Choose a theme, any theme!

Next, you will be able to select a Photo Strip Design and Backdrop to match your event! Keep it simple, easy, and fast with our streamlined booking process.


Bring on the palm trees, pool toys, and pineapples!  Our graphic designer can create something completely custom for your beach themed event or you can choose from our amazing pre-made designs.  Either way, they will make you want to say “ALOHA” (the goodbye version) to any other photo booth companies out there and choose MiHi Entertainment for your event.



Get some sun shining on your Summer/Beach event! See what add-ons are available to add to your package today!

Two ladies enjoying the MiHi 360 Photo Booth, taking a fun 360 video which they were able to send straight to their phones moments afterwards! Book your 360 Photo Booth with us today, we're voted #1!


Want to feel like your tanning on a sandy beach and celebrating all of the amazing joys of summer?  Probably can’t bring sand or the sun indoors, but we sure can pretend!  So let’s pretend to stick our toes in the sand while actually having a nice cold drink in your hand, and MiHi Entertainment will keep the fun going all night long!

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