The best parties create memories that last a lifetime. Let MiHi Photo Booth help help preserve those memories in a way as unique as your love for each other!

It will be AWESOME. Guaranteed.

What better way to celebrate than to throw a party? Invite all of your family and friends to commemorate this momentous occasion!

Whether you had an elaborate wedding or eloped in Las Vegas, you deserve to have an amazing anniversary party. Make it as low stress and high fun as possible by following this simple guide:

Get it on the calendar. Make sure to coordinate with all the people you absolutely want at your party! Kids, siblings, parents, etc. If people have to travel, make sure to plan it a few months out.

Set up a location. If you’re having a big party, reduce your stress by booking out an event hall or hotel ballroom.

Choose a theme. This will help with choosing the invitations, decorations, and everything else! Do you have a common hobby? Share your common love with everyone!

Send out invitations. Whether you go digital or physical, make them look snazzy!

Figure out the food and drinks. We all know you’re a great cook and maybe your cousin Darlene promised to help cook food, but trust us when we say look into getting catering. Remember: low stress, high fun!

Get decorations. This is your time to shine! Share pictures from your years together. Use your theme to set up table decorations. Create starter packs from your favorite shared hobbies!

Entertainment. Most anniversary parties have dancing! Make sure the DJ plays “your song” - that special song from your wedding or early on from your courtship. Throw in some good crowd participation songs and you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time!

Hire a Photographer. Capture all the great moments from this special day. (we have event photographers too!)

Book the photo booth! Trust us on this one! Photo booths have quickly become an integral part of every party.