This is it, parents. Your little bundle of joy finally made it! Look at them! All grown up and ready to tackle the world! Did you think this day would ever come? Think back to their first day of school. When you walked into their classroom. Little desks. Little chairs. Maybe they were a little scared. Maybe a little excited. They were just so little! Did you get a first day picture?

We get it. Your little wumpkins isn’t so little anymore. Your new grad is cool, sophisticated, and wants to throw a party that will impress friends and family alike. After all, you’re a party planning expert at this point. Years of birthdays, Halloweens, sleepovers, 4th of July. You probably have a ton of ideas for a graduation party.

Except this is no ordinary party. This is a once in a lifetime shindig. This is the culmination of years of hard work.

Years of you waking them up, giving them rides, making sure they did their homework. Years of you making sure they didn’t accidentally kill themselves from doing incredibly stupid, yet very fun things! (Shout out to my mom right now! Thanks for keeping me alive. Love you!)

Let’s cut to the chase. This graduation party isn’t really for them. It’s for you. You deserve an awesome party. Let us help you.