Thank you for considering MiHi Entertainment for your photo booth needs. Our approach to nonprofit fundraising events goes beyond offering a photo booth at a reduced cost, and focuses on your primary goal; raising money. That’s why we’ve started this sponsorship program.

Sure, a logo on a slideshow projected on the wall while attendees are eating dinner is nice, but what about logos strategically placed in high-traffic areas like the photo booth and all of the photo strips that the booth prints out?
At MiHi, we bring parties to the next level, and now we are bringing sponsorship of events to the next level. MiHi has worked with brands nationwide to help them achieve their marketing goals, and we're putting those marketing strategies to use for you and your sponsors at your event. Guests take branded photos and share them on social media for all of their followers to see, creating many impressions long after the last guest has left the building.