Nonprofit Events


Have a cause you think we'd like to get behind?

Ever since I became an adult I've had a soft spot for children and I'm very grateful for all of the organizations who support children in any way. From boosting their confidence, to simply keeping their bellies full, there's a lot to say about people who have devoted their time and efforts to the cause they're passionate about.

We'd love to be a part of your cause! We do a handful of events every year at no financial charge to help give back, but there are a few requirements that must be met. If you're interested in having us for your event, please email me (Jeff) at with a copy of your 501(c)(3) determination letter as well as details about your event and the cause in general. 

There is a slight catch...

'A ton of exposure' does not pay the bills, but we know that some organizations simply cannot afford to rent a photo booth so we have come up with a list of what we require if we're donating our services.

  • Link from your site to ours - Why its important: Links to our site help us with online exposure via clickthroughs as well as SEO. 
  • Social Media mention- Whether its via Facebook or Instagram, we all know the importance of social media impressions for a small business. A simple feature with a picture of the booth and a link to our site is all we ask.
  • Email list of sponsors and attendees- In the event that someone would like to sponsor the photo booth, we'd put their branding on the photo strips as well as the digital sharing from the booth. What's better is that we keep only what it costs to run the event and you get the rest!
  • Signage at event- Can be in the form of a slideshow with other sponsors, on a banner, or however you plan on recognizing your sponsors.
  • Inclusion in any press releases- We're supporting your cause, please help us support ours! If you're going to be in any news articles, we ask for a quick mention.
  • Tickets to the event - Your event is going to be great, let us toot our horn a bit and invite a couple of our partners and/or potential clients who would love to see us in action. 
  • Inclusion in post event email- Again, just a simple mention with a link to our site has the potential to go a long way.
  • Online reviews- If you loved our service, please help spread the word with an honest review. 


We know that all events are different, but this small list of ways you can help us allows us to continue to give back year after year.