• Justin Petry

A Safe Return to Photo Booths

Lately our team here at MiHi has become more and more optimistic about the future of the events industry and is so excited for the return to in-person entertainment. We are more than ready to get back in the action and are heavily dedicated to ensuring safety (as well as fun) are top priority. We have made many changes this year in order to make sure that everyone has an amazing experience without worrying about a thing!

Creative Social Distance

Of course the best defense we all have against the spreading of germs is the buzzword of the year: Social Distance! MiHi has created many new safety procedures due to the events of the last year but the top idea on our list has been a staple for us for years. MiHi’s Pose Flashcards or PFCs are great for any event or occasion and the idea is simple. Many times folks freeze up when they get in front of a camera and don’t know what to do with their hands… We’ve created a huge deck of cards filled with all kinds of fun poses and actions that put your attendees on the spot and help to create an exciting and surprising experience. Your groomsmen posing as princesses, grandma as Captain Morgan, or the kids trying to do the YMCA, there are so many possibilities! We have always loved our pose flashcards but now more than ever there is a need for ways to get creative without the use of props and physical involvement. Our attendants can flash the card themselves and ensure you have a safe and fun time.



There are many ways that we can create an environment of safety and social distance while still making it possible to take great photos with friends, family, and colleagues. While we love getting creative there are also simple answers. One of those answers is simply a large backdrop! We stock backdrops from 8’x8’ all the way up to 12’x16’ which allows more guests to be able to get into frame. I did say that we love to get creative so for a more hip approach we can create a custom set designed to be socially distant and safe for everyone. Think armchairs around a fireplace. We also ensure that anything on our set that comes in contact is sterilized by our attendants between uses.

looking to the future

Of course MiHi Entertainment does all kinds of event entertainment and we work hard to make sure that all of our events are safe and comfortable. When it comes to our Virtual Livestream events we are happy to bring separate microphones for anyone one who may be on camera and if you are having experience kits sent out, we will sterilize all items and ensure they are built in a nice and clean fashion. Our Testimonial Booth that features a great space to record messages, will come with a clean microphone and disposable microphone covers that will be changed between uses. Even our Virtual Reality kits are now completely safe with disposable eye protection and clean headsets. Of course, in addition to the above mentioned approaches MiHi is dedicated to standard procedures moving forward that will help to keep you safe and sound. We will be providing hand sanitizer at all of our events for use by our attendants and attendees. If you do wish to receive physical props we ensure that all of them will be freshly sanitized and cleaned throughout the course of your event as well as all of the equipment in use. Please let us know and we will also happily have our present staff rapid tested for covid-19 on request, in order to give just another layer of security.

All of us on the MiHi team are happy to recreate our operations for the ever changing world of events and are open to working with you to ensure any kind of event can be altered for your safety and security. Please feel free to reach out when you’re ready, we cannot wait to see what this year has in store for you!



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