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Green Screen Video is Here!

In movies and on T.V. we often see actors set in amazing landscapes or flying through parts of space that you wouldn’t be able to visit yourself, why? Because they aren’t real. They are using a Green Screen.

Green Screen allows us to insert an awesome graphic, animation, or setting that we create as the background of our video, or replicate something that already exists.

At MiHi we have already experienced an enormous amount of success with our Ski Lift setup. This is where we bring a an authentic ski lift chair fitted to work on a set, and a green screen that has an image of ski slope set as the backdrop. It’s awesome!

As much as we love the ski lift set we wanted to do more. We wanted motion. We wanted expand beyond the mountain.

MiHi Entertainment wants to bring the endless possibilities of Green Screen to you with our new Video Booth.

Green Screen was Illusive to us, the consumer, and seemed it was only something you found in Hollywood. No longer! We now have the power to travel the world, or live in a beautifully animated setting with the switch of a button! Well, with some other equipment of course, but my point here is that it’s now accessible.

You may be looking for something to make your event stand out. You want your guests to have the best experience they can, right?

Green Screen with Video Booth is the perfect addition to any event that aims to be the event to remember.

Using Green Screen with our Video Booth you’ll have the option to choose an image, animated background, or video that will be inserted on the Green Screen. Here we are really only limited by imagination, but the MiHi team can certainly assist with that.

We have been in the Photo Booth business for a long time and with that, have a ton of research in what works and what does not work. Our Video Booth paired with green screen has created a lot of excitement around here.

A wise man once said “You can get a good look at a T-bone steak by sticking your head up a butchers…wait”

I think what Chris Farley was trying to say is: Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

Head over to our Video Booth section on the website and learn more about it.

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