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Haiku Mill – Maui Hawaii Venues

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Once abandoned now Re-Born

The Haiku Mill sits on the island of Maui, where is was first constructed in 1861. Originally standing as a sugar mill, the setting of buildings French inspired and stunning. The mill became abandoned allowing nature to reclaim a piece in an amazingly beautiful way. Making it a place to be re-born into a gorgeous space to host your big day.

The Hawaii photo booth, it its vintage style, will complete the feel of going back in time. Multiple beautiful areas wait for you and your guests. Each of your photos will hold the magic of the setting as well as your special memories.

Step Back in Time

Sometimes, there are things that are better left unrestored. When you see Haiku Mill you will understand exactly what we mean. Walking the grounds, and seeing the amazing stone archway, will leave you in awe. Stepping threw it to see the amazing ruins, covered in flora and vines, making its history known. The view upward through the amazing glass ceiling, so warm and inviting makes it a perfect reception area.

All the natural beauty lending itself to you for your photos. Looking around to find the perfect place to show off your choice of a Hawaii photo booth. There will definitely be an area that will inspire you and make your photos be exactly what you want them to be.




Add to the History of Haiku Mill

The history of Haiku Mill started nearly 150 years ago. From its conception as a sugar mill on the north shore to the event space it currently is. The people that have been touched by it, and left their imprint on it, makes it special in its own right. The decision to add it as a historical landmark has ensured its long history will continue. Now, with your big day, you can leave your mark as well, and take away with you the love and memories shared here.

For those who have an artistic, creative side, or who love admiring the beauty of the past, your Hawaii photo booth will capture it all. A unique take on your photo memories, along with a unique venue helping your perfect day to be remembered forever.

See What Happy Customers have to Say

We know that there are many things that will influence your decision, and we don’t want you to just take our word for it. The stories shared by happy couples, will show you just how special the Haiku Mill is and what a brilliant choice you are making.

The Hawaii photo booth reviews will also help seal the deal for you. Seeing the added lev el of fun and enjoyment it brings for you and your guests alike. You will feel confident in knowing that you day will be epic! Just the way you always wanted it, and the photos will speak a thousand words for years to come when they are shared.

Haiku Mill plus a Hawaii photo booth, equals a WIN!!


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