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Micro weddings



The Micro Wedding trend has long been a great choice for all kinds of couples namely, younger couples looking to establish themselves and grow their relationship. This option has been known to save thousands of dollars as opposed to the sometimes crippling cost of a traditional wedding. In current times, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the mandates regarding events that have been put in place across the country, this trend has grown exponentially.

In the current crisis, it is important to remember that many engaged couples have been waiting sometimes years for their special day. It can be hard to continue postponing one of the most important days of your life while looking into an unknown future. The Micro Wedding is the perfect idea for anyone who wishes to stay safe, follow procedures, and still have a beautiful day with their loved ones.

Micro Weddings, however are not a new phenomena. For many years young couples have felt a growing financial strain while still wanting to maintain normalcy. Sure, you can go down to the courthouse and simply file the paperwork without having to worry about a true ceremony but many couples find that they are feeling deprived of that special day shortly after, Micro Weddings provide an affordable way to have those that you hold most closely to you witness your elopement. At so many weddings the bride and groom spend much of their time simply greeting and taking pictures with 150+ guests and may not have time to truly enjoy their big day. A typical wedding these days is generally in the tens of thousands and often misses the mark on an authentic intimate experience.

At MiHi Entertainment we believe that these small celebrations can be just as great as a grand-scale wedding. You can still hold all of the classical traditions of a wedding such as the cake cutting, the first dance, and the bouquet toss, and these days there are so many opportunities to make a small celebration amazing.

One of the options we are able to provide at MiHi Entertainment is the time-honored photobooth. We know that although you may have a smaller crowd at your celebration, you will still want to share these memories with family, friends, and coworkers who were not able to attend. Our top knotch photobooths will make it possible for you to take pictures home with you for the fridge as well as digitally share them with anyone online. Since these Micro Weddings are lower cost, you are often enabled to make more choices on the ambiance of a small celebration. We are always ready to find the booth, backdrop, and even event rentals like games that will match the color schemes and atmosphere perfectly.

We know that sometimes love just can’t wait. Consider a Micro Wedding and all the small things that could work together to make this less traditional option right for you. The closer connections that you can build through a day like this will mean the world to your guests and to you as a couple.


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