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Mississippi Venues

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Planning Your Getaway Event at a Mississippi Venue?

The time to plan your destination event has arrived, but where to go remains the question. Come on down to Mississippi! Many lovely Mississippi venues are waiting for you and your guests. People always talk about the hospitality of the south, and now you can experience it first-hand. A beautiful wedding, a glamorous Gatsby themed party, or welcome back the 20’s in style. Any event you can dream of, will find the perfect setting here.

Looking for a unique way to capture your event moments and memories? Well, let the Mississippi photo booth take care of that for you. The fun inspired method will not just capture your memories, but entice you and your guests to make even more. You can add your own touch to the entire process, and in the end, fall in love with the results as well.

Let’s take a little look at a few Mississippi venues so you can get an idea of what is waiting for your special event.

Barn at Bridlewood

A Mississippi venue that holds much history, and from 2 states none the less. That’s right, originally dated in the 1800’s and in New York, the barn made its way down south to be used for the owner’s perfect day. Which is where the inspiration came from for the venue and has become home to many wonderful events. Any event will be perfectly suited here for sure, and the amazing grounds will be a grand welcome.

Name your event, roaring 20’s, wedding day, or themed as a lavish Gatsby party, your Mississippi photo booth will be the perfect match. Putting your unique touch on your unique event.



The AntleR

Set on a 65-acre farm, the Mississippi venue offers not only some southern rustic charm, but the elegant feeling as well. Multiple event spaces making it easy for you to find an area that will host your event perfectly. Plus, outdoor areas to allow for soaking up the southern sun and feeling the warm breezes.

Imagine your backdrop of carriage doors being captured in your photos by a Mississippi photo booth. Maybe you prefer a more natural outdoor beauty, there are plenty of options for that as well. Each photo being exactly what you envisioned.

Pierce Castle

Yes, if it is a fairytale wedding you have always wanted that this Mississippi venue is the place for you! Or a glitzy Gatsby party that inspires your guests to live it up in luxury, you are covered. Both indoor and outdoor areas of this venue are stunning and picturesque.

Take a look around and without a doubt you will find a spot that calls to you for your Mississippi photo booth. Capture the beauty of your venue as well as your event with ease and fun!



Feel at Ease

Take the stress out of your planning with a stunning Mississippi venue. Making your dreams come true with the hospitality of the south. Walk away with memories for a lifetime.

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