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Questions to ask Wedding Vendors Before You Book

wedding party

wedding party

8 Questions to Ask Wedding Vendors Before You Book

Hiring a team for your wedding is one of the most important parts of the planning process. One sub-par professional can be the difference between a flawless wedding party and a nightmare of one. Though the pressure is on when it comes to finding your perfect team members, this process does not have to be stressful one if you ask the right questions.

1. How many weddings have you done?

A wedding is vastly different than other events, whether formal or informal. Having a vendor who has a lot of experience with weddings not only helps ensure their service runs smoothly, but they can also be a valuable source of information.

2. How long have you been in business?

Similar to the previous question but this one is to gauge how well they know their own service. The length of time in business doesn’t necessarily determine the quality of their service, but you should definitely know if this is their first time.

3. Do you have recent testimonials/references?

Checking for reviews on Wedding Wire and The Knot as well as Yelp and Google Reviews is a necessity nowadays as you’ll have a chance to see the good, and the bad, things people have said about your potential vendor. The more recent the better, as level of service could possibly change over time.

4. What is your pricing?

Cheaper is not better in the wedding industry. More expensive is not always better either. Unless you are certain of the quality of service, or a specific professional has been referred to you, it is recommended you look for someone who prices their service slightly above average. A vendor who charges too little may be very new or use sub-par equipment. There’s also a chance they’ll cancel on you because they could find a higher paying gig. Conversely, your most expensive options may not always be the best fit for you. If you shoot for upper middle pricing, you’ll have a lot of options and will be able to weed out the lower quality ones quickly.

When asking about pricing, make sure you ask about hidden fees, add-ons, when payment is due, and if there are any deposits that must be paid. Asking about a refund/cancellation policy and payment plan is a good idea as well.

5. Do you use a contract?

A contract is a written agreement that is designed to protect both parties and is an absolute necessity when paying for services. Don’t settle for only a verbal agreement and make sure you read through the contract before actually booking.

6. Do you bring backup equipment?

Obviously this question doesn’t apply to everyone, but how would you get your wedding pictures if the photographer doesn’t bring a spare battery for their camera and it dies halfway through the wedding? What if the audio cord stops working at the dj booth and they don’t have an extra? Make sure they cover all their bases so you aren’t stuck with no service.

7. Are you available to meet in person?

You want a flexible professional who you can always reach. If they can’t meet in person at least one time before your wedding, they aren’t taking their business seriously enough to be working weddings. This is the most important day of their potential client’s life and it is their responsibility to ensure all communication is clear, which makes meeting in person a necessity sometimes.

8. Are there any other services you provide or professionals you can recommend?

This is a great question to ask because when booking multiple services through one company, there’s a good chance you will be rewarded with even more add-ons or discounts.

You can find the perfect professionals for your wedding but it does take a little work and time. Asking these questions will help you be confident in selecting your team so you can focus on enjoying the rest of your wedding planning.


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