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Retro Photo Booths – a new addition

Retro Photo Booths – A New Addition to the Family

We started our company with a DIY roadcase style photo booth; three boxes that stacked on top of each other with the components inside. The components consisted of a webcam, a printer, and an all in one computer. An eyesore to say the least. Flash forward to today where we offer Retro Photo Booths.

When we realized our potential and our love for this business we decided to invest in a much nicer, much more expensive booth, which is the one we’ve been using for the past year or so. It’s been so great; it takes professional pictures, can be transported conveniently, and looks awesome. Our clients all love it, saying things like, ‘its a beautiful addition to any event’, ‘the photo booth looked awesome at our party’, ‘we love the way the pictures look!’, which is why when we realized it was time to get a second booth, it was a tough decision not to go with the one that’s already proven to be a hit. We decided not to get the same one, though, because we wanted to offer our clients different options which is why we ordered Retro Photo Booths from Red Robot Industries



I’m hanging out at home working on the computer all day excitedly waiting for the delivery man to get here with the booth. This open air booth is very similar to the one we already have, with similar components as well. The primary difference is the look. It has a beautiful retro shape highlighted with wood grain style details, allowing us to help customize your event one step further. The Retro Photo Booth base is slightly different as well, with a tripod style support instead of a single pole. Both booths are sturdy, both booths are awesome, both booths are MiHi Photo Booths. Book this beautiful booth while there’s still availability!


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