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Six Reasons to Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

Six Reasons to Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

There is a reason photo booths are becoming increasingly popular at weddings. They’re perfect for backyard shenanigans or even black tie affairs. They bring out the fun side in even the most serious of guests, and they are a perfect entertainment factor for guests of all ages. Still can’t decide if a having a photo booth at your wedding is a good idea? Here are six reasons that may help making your decision a bit easier…

Fun Factor

I’ve never heard someone walk away from one of our photo booth sessions saying “that was a waste of time”, but I do constantly hear about how fun using our booths are. Not to mention to all the wonderful reviews we get from our brides that often say “the photo booth was the highlight of our wedding!”


Whose bulletin board didn’t have a few black and white photo strips from the old-school photo booths back in the day? Even though our booths look a lot different, they’re still the same as the original photo booths in many ways including automatic prints and tons of laughs. Our booths step it up with color, multiple filter choices, beautiful backdrops, and you can fit more than two people in a photo. Let’s not forget the quality of the photos our updated booths produce!

Time Filler

You’re going to be busy with first dances, photos, greeting family and friends, and tossing your bouquet. Give your guests something to do during cocktail hour or between dances so they have one more entertainment factor to keep them busy and laughing.

Wedding Favors

After each photo session, our booths automatically prints two prints and they’re always customized per your request so your guests will always remember your special day when they look at their prints.

Instant Sharing

Along with on-site printing, our photo booths also have the capability to allow your guests to share their photos straight to their email and phones. That makes sharing memories on social media a bazillion times easier, and promises not all is lost if someone misplaces their prints.


Whether or not you have a seating chart, some people won’t mingle past their dinner tables. With a photo booth, your guests have a chance to talk while they wait for their turn, laugh with others about our silly props, and even get in on each other’s photos.

If you have any reasons why photo booths add value to a wedding reception, we’d love to hear it! Comment below or email us at info@mihiphotobooth.com.

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