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Sugar Beach Events – Maui Hawaii Venues

Your Wedding, Your Way

We know that your special day means the world to you, and that you want each detail to be just right. Not just for you, but your guests as well. Sugar Beach Events waits to make that happen for you. Knowledgeable staff to help make your vision come to life, will be there to answer questions and keep all the details in order.

When you start thinking of how your perfect setting will impact your photos, think also of how your Hawaii photo booth will impact your experience. Any time the mood strikes you, you will be able to make a photo memory without chasing down a photographer. The attendant will be right there waiting to snap each on for you.

Do You Like Having Options?

The beautiful Sugar Beach Events offers multiple packages for your big day. Knowing that every couple will have their own style, wants, and visions for the outcome. Allowing you to choose something that will fit perfectly. With exclusive use of the venue, everything you are looking to accomplish can be done with ease.

Speaking of multiple options, make sure you ask about the options you have available with your Hawaii photo booth. That is right, you can customize your photos, add some excitement to your photos and make all of your memories a little more special. You can’t go wrong with your choice, and you will love taking the outcome home with you that night.




From Beginning to End- Amazing!

Relaxing and getting ready in your bridal suite allows for a feeling of being at home. The indoor space for your event is beautiful and will add that magic touch to your wedding day. The grand ballroom, waits for you to party and celebrate, so hit the dance floor, visit the mezzanine, and take in the scenery.

You and your guests along with your setting are picture perfect. Your backdrop space has been chosen, and there it is, your Hawaii photo booth! Capture all the beauty together and cherish every memory made for years to come. The added bonus to this photo method, is that your photos will be printed on site, so you will see the results right away and fall in love with them.

In the Warmth of the Outdoors

Take in the natural, breathtaking surroundings at Sugar Beach Events. The stunning ocean views will astound you. The manicured lawns with the Hawaiian flora, providing a warm, inviting space to celebrate your I Do’s and your entire day.

The landscape makes for a great choice of backgrounds to use for your Hawaii photo booth. Whether the ocean, flowers or palm trees, whatever you would like to see in your photos you can easily achieve here.

Let Us Help Make Your Day!

Sugar Beach Events and your Hawaii photo booth staff are waiting to help you plan your wedding day perfectly. They will be there every step of the way, answering questions, helping with ideas if needed, and setting your mind at ease. They will be helping to take the stress out, and putting the fun into the planning, just for you!

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