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The Breakers – South Florida Venues

Photos from thebreakers.com

The Sand, Sun and You

The Breakers was founded on Palm Beach in 1896. For years people have enjoyed making memories and dreams come true. Such a unique place is one to be admired for many more to come and with your event another memory can be created. So close to the ocean, sea breeze in the sun. Close your eyes, and imagine that setting on the day you want to make a statement with. Your style choices, and color pattern will be matched to the tee, and of course there is always a spot to let loose, and dance the night away.

There are many options for our South Florida Photobooth backdrops throughout the venue. Whether you are planning something indoors or taking in the fresh air, you will not lack a perfect location.

John Cain Photography
John Cain Photography

John Cain Photography

Let’s look Around Shall We

Enter the circle ballroom. What will catch your eyes first? Maybe the amazing ocean views, or the elegant venetian chandeliers. Or possible the 30-foot domed ceilings, holding the beauty of 8 painted murals. Another event space at The Breakers is the venetian ballroom. A 9,600 square foot event area with floor to ceiling windows. With its chandeliers and high ceilings, the space is elegant and special.

Your South Florida photobooth will fit in perfectly with the décor of the spaces. Not only capturing the love and beauty of you and your guests but the beauty of where you chose to share the event. The surroundings making each photo a little more magical.

A Little More with the Outdoors

If you are looking for something a little more unique take a look at the Mediterranean courtyard. This stunning event space, is the home of amazing tropical flowers and greenery. The boundaries of the courtyard are balustrades, it provides a feeling of being in a different time. Under the sun, with the waves breaking in the background, your closest family and friends by your side, nothing could be better. Let, The Breakers help with that.

Backdrops abound here for your photos and South Florida photobooth. It is not just the fun of showing off your photos after the event, even though that is great. Now it is also the fun of taking them. A few special touches here, maybe a prop or two there, and each one will have an inspired story to tell.

Christian Oth Studio
Christian Oth Studio

Christian Oth Studio

It is All About you at The Breakers

Your special day is treated like it is the staff’s special day. They are trained, knowledgeable and friendly. Ready to help you make your wedding day dreams come true. The same can be said for the staff and attendants at our South Florida photobooth company. Their happy, bubbly personalities will add a little something extra to your day. The work that you put into the planning of your event, will more than pay off and we know that for sure. With the help of those around you, every aspect will be covered, start to finish and your magical day will be there before you know it.


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