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The Campbell Hotel – Tulsa Venues

Talk about a Party

Are you planning the party of a lifetime? Re-living the amazing past with a roaring 20’s party, hosting a lavish Gatsby party, or celebrating your wedding day? Then look no further than The Campbell Hotel. After all, it is on Route 66, and that is known for fun! Built in 1927, this venue is now a highly enjoyed venue with much history to it. Now you will be adding to it as well, and taking away memories to share for years to come.

There is no better way to keep those memories alive than with your Tulsa photo booth. The stunning photos will be a pleasure to share and future generations will love keeping the tradition going. Each memory captured will go with you at the end of your event. Gone are the days of waiting for your album.

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Room for Many at The Campbell Hotel

Your guest list is an important part of your planning. An event at The Campbell Hotel, means you can share it with over 200 of your closest family and friends. With 2 unique event spaces you will find the perfect spot. So, whether you want the more traditional, or a quainter feel, you and your guests will have plenty of room to party the night away.

There is also plenty of room for your Tulsa photo booth! The perfect photo backdrop you chose, and space for your guests and you to strike a pose. Keep the fun going, rather than looking for your photographer, your booth will be right where you wanted all night.

Traditional or Rustic-Your Choice

Your event is a 1 of a kind, and so is your style and taste. That is where options come in handy. At The Campbell Hotel there are 2 stunning event spaces to consider. One space fondly known as Renaissance Square is a more eclectic space, that will add some lovely rustic charm to your event. If you lean more towards a traditional style, take a look at Campbell Ballroom. With a built-in dance floor, gorgeous crystal chandeliers, and amazing colors, your elegant event will fit perfectly.

Both spaces lend themselves to beautiful locations for your Tulsa photo booth. The state-of-the-art technology hides inside a vintage package and is both elegant and stylish, bringing you to a time in the past.

Take A Glimpse at Experiences

We know how important it is for you to pick the perfect spot for your event. You want the perfect wedding day, perfect family gathering or Gatsby party. Take a look at what people heave to say about their experiences. Word of mouth goes a long way, and knowing how beautiful an event at The Campbell Hotel can be, may help you decide.

The Tulsa photo booth reviews and testimonials speak volumes. Seeing how much fun people have had and how much the love the outcome, will inspire you.

Take that first step and get in touch with the staff of the venue and Tulsa photo booth, to start your event off right.


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