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The Dresser Mansion – Tulsa Venues

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Go Back in Time at The Dresser Mansion

If you are looking for a location that will transport you back in time, look no further. This historic mansion was built in the early 1900’s, and is just as beautiful as the day it was built. Construction heavily inspired by Italian renaissance and an interior décor that is reminiscent of the 16th century. Elegance at its finest is waiting for you.

When you see the style of your Tulsa photo booth, you will see what a match it is, not only to your event; but the venue as well. The vintage style holds the charm of the past. But don’t worry, the equipment is top of the line, ensuring that each photo is as beautiful as you imagined. Thanks to this photo taking method, you will be leaving at the end of the night with your photos in hand. They are printed right on site at your event.

Step Inside and be Amazed

The stunning interior of The Dresser Mansion is out of this world. Gorgeous beamed ceilings, give a spacious feeling to the mansion Hardwood floors and accents abound, just as beautiful as ever waiting impress. The walls hand glazed to perfection and areas painted by impressive French artists.

The décor of the venue makes for multiple options for your backdrops. Your Tulsa photo booth waiting for you and your guests to get the party started. Whether your roaring 20’s party, or your stunning wedding reception, the results will leave you smiling, and sharing memories for years.

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Options for Your Event

Everyone has a different style and different needs for their event. Your reception is your party, you have a vision and will be able to fulfil that here at The Dresser Mansion. Let’s talk wedding for a minute. There are options for indoor, outdoor or a little of both for your big day. That’s right, take in the warmth of the southern breezes, the beautiful scenery and be able to enjoy the stunning décor all at once.

Imagine your Tulsa photo booth using the courtyard as a gorgeous natural backdrop for your photos. The beauty of nature adds a unique touch unlike any other.

Roaring 20’s Welcome Back

Have you always wanted to host a fun loving, lavish roaring 20’s party? If so, The Dresser Mansion has a hidden secret that fits right in. With in a few years of the mansion being built, the prohibition began. Yes, your guessed it, the way around it was, the hidden speakeasy. How fitting would it be to have your party, reminiscent of the past, at a venue that still holds a piece of it.

Guests wearing time period attire such as suits and hats, flapper dresses and head bands, a beautiful backdrop, all captured with east thanks to your Tulsa photo booth. Add in some fun props like boas, walking sticks, or whatever you can think of to add a little flare and personal touch.

You Can’t Go Wrong Here!

Let The Dresser Mansion and Tulsa photo booth help with your dream come true!


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