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The Jaxson – New Orleans Venue

Welcome your guests to The Jaxson

As you begin the party planning process, you’ll realize the only place to start is finding a place to host. Hopefully a venue that has options for how your guests can party, that’s both beautiful in all the event photos, and is located in a great spot in the town of your choosing. That venue for a New Orleans party is The Jaxon.

Let’s cut to the chase. What we really, really care about is making sure your photos turn out great no matter what the venue is. But that’s the beautiful thing about The Jaxon- it guarantees your Louisiana photo booth churns out top quality printed keepsakes, hassle-free. You and your guests won’t be looking for the photographer, or having to worry about how the photos will come out. Our photo booth takes care of all of that. Yes, your photos are printed on site for you so you can see and share them right away.



New Orleans class with Options

The Jaxon was born out of renovating a slice of the historic, 1890 Jackson Brewing Company building. If what you’re looking for is the rustic charm of a New Orleans treasure with the sleek sophistication of modern design- you’ve found it. With both indoor and outdoor spaces waiting for your event, your guests can dance their heart out in the classy indoor space and enjoy fresh air on the open air patio overlooking a glittering cityscape.

It’s a great view, and we’ll be sure to capture it all with our photography services and New Orleans photo booth rental.



Not Just a Pretty Venue

What’s great about The Jaxon is that it isn’t amazing just for its historical charm and picturesque views. Clients like us who’ve worked with them before know the value goes beyond looks. They pride themselves on offering top notch food services, and staff that can fill in when event coordinators aren’t hired or can’t be there for the day of. It’s another true mark of New Orleans event hospitality- great people making your big day even greater.

And while you can take our word on it, go ahead and read their testimonials online before you seal the deal!


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