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The Wrigley Mansion – Phoenix Venues

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Come and Share your Love Story

Steeped in a history of love, this venue could be the place to start the next phase of your love. The Wrigley Mansion dates back to 1932. It was an anniversary present. That is right, it was built by William Wrigley Jr for his wife of 50 years. Wrigley, does that name ring a bell? Well it should, the chewing gum Wrigley, is one in the same. With its location it has influences of Monterey, Spanish, and Mediterranean styles. It’s a truly wonderful place to add your story to.

The area surrounding the venue is amazing. Nature all around, garden and mountain views, there are endless possibilities for your Phoenix photo booth. That being said if you want a natural setting or using the beautiful décor of the venue, each photo will be as special as you have imagined it.

Size, well that is just a Number

We have all heard stories about grand, large scale weddings, and small intimate ones. The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter whether yours is small or large. It is a day to focus on your love and future. The Wrigley Mansion can, depending on your preference, accommodate small events all the way up to 1500 guests. With options for private event space of the entire venue, you will have the perfect day here.

The Phoenix photo booth will be perfect for any size guest list. Group pictures, a few close friends, or even just one person, the outcome will always be the same, stunning memorable photos each time.




Why Don’t We Look Around Some?

If you are having an intimate event, look into the Catalina Room, at The Wrigley Mansion. With a capacity of up to 40 people, your guests will love this unique space. It was originally Mrs. Wrigley’s bedroom. The gorgeous chandelier with amethyst from Four Peaks Mine, brings an air of sophistication with local history at the same time. There is also an enclosed porch and sitting porch. If you are looking for a place that is warm and captivating, look at the living room. The space is not only home to a gorgeous fireplace, but also the Wrigley’s piano.

Both spots, just as wonderful as the rest of the venue, have beautiful backdrops waiting for your Phoenix photo booth. The aesthetic of the spaces offering a meaningful story booster to all of your big day photos.

Head on Over to the Ballroom

Once the houses garden and garage, the garden room at The Wrigley Mansion is now the beautiful ballroom. It is also a multi-level space and has amazing views. The grounds of the venue and the mountains in the background are incredible.

There is just a different feel to photos with a natural background. A Phoenix photo booth, capturing it beautifully in your album photos. Along with each love filled moment possible.

Let The Wrigley Mansion and Phoenix photo booth add to your love story and your experience.


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