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Thomas Bennett House – Charleston Venues

Photos from venue website:

Let us Host your Party

Parties don’t just start at the time you decide, they start when the planning does. That’s where Thomas Bennett House comes into play. This beautiful venue, and its professional staff are waiting to help you every step of the way. No matter what your party is, a roaring 20’s, Gatsby party, or your wedding, the atmosphere and surroundings will be the perfect match.

Speaking of perfect match, take a look at the Charleston photo booth. The vintage look of the booth brings you back in time, and completes that 20’s feel. Don’t worry though, it is also elegant and timeless so it will fit with your wedding needs as well.

On the Outside

Multiple outdoor areas are available at Thomas Bennett House. With stunning garden areas to the manicured lawns, you will love taking in the southern breezes. The other outdoor areas here are stunning and waiting for you as well. Whether you are planning on a small or large attendance for a Gatsby party or your reception, the spaces were made with you in mind and everyone will fit wonderfully.

Those outdoor areas lend themselves to you for lovely backdrops. Imagine your guests in the best time period attire posing for your Charleston photo booth in the lawn capturing the surroundings as well. Maybe your wedding party in the courtyard, with a snap of the camera, our perfect pictures are taken.




Come on inside

When you first walk inside, you will feel like you have been transported back in time. Being met by stunning columns, is only the beginning. Gorgeous marble mantels, that will take your breath away. A very unique touch here is the staircase. We know what you are thinking, what could be so special about a staircase? It is a magnificent floating staircase. Such a stunning setting for your 20’s party, or the celebration of your big day.

Your Charleston photo booth will capture the details of your surroundings beautifully. Your guests, props, poses, and memories all become a photo to be cherished for years to come. This is a great way to add fun and excitement to your themed party or reception.

All the Help You May Need

You may have questions, or concerns about achieving your ideal outcome. Rest assured the staff at Thomas Bennett House will be able to help guide you in the right direction. They know about having fun, and making your event as great as you imagined! It is what is important to them as well.

A Charleston photo booth screams fun, and the staff will be there to show you just how much fun can be had. Not only can they add on some fun, personal touches, but the attendant at your party can help to. From props to fun poses and more, all to make your photos, well as glamorous as your party!

It’s Time to Get Your Party Planned We are waiting for you and your party, so let’s get started!


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