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Touchless Photo Booth

The Touchless Photobooth

During the Covid-19 pandemic every industry has had to learn about and change the way that business is run and at MiHi Entertainment we have learned our passion for photobooths is no different. We are fully committed to evolving and adapting to the world we live in today and that doesn’t mean photobooths will go away. In fact, The Touchless Photobooth is what people need now more than ever at their events.

Photobooths are more than just a way to capture a single moment but are also a way to bring people together. Whether you’re posting photos with friends on Facebook, Instagram, or even your fridge these memories can last forever and create a collective experience that doesn’t go away. How to continue making these experiences in such a strange time is important to all of us here at MiHi. The answer is The Touchless Photobooth.

We have worked to integrate technology into our booths so that you never need to touch the booth at all and that keeps everyone safe. The possibilities are endless, you can wave at the screen to begin your experience, choose your color schemes, print your photos, and even have a scannable QR code appear on the screen to make it possible to download the photos all while being socially and health conscious.

In addition to the touchless aspect of the physical booths you are still able to interact with friends and family who may not be able to attend your event. We create an online gallery that makes it possible for anyone with a link to access all the beautiful photos you take at your event. This creates accessibility and makes it feel more like those who are stuck at home actually got to enjoy the glamour of your soiree.

At MiHi Entertainment your safety is our number one priority and we strive to ensure that every event we are a part of is overseen from start to finish with the utmost care. We are sure to provide hand-sanitizing stations, sterile equipment and health- conscious attendants who are educated and extremely careful every step of the way.

We understand that events have changed and in these times it is hard to throw an event when so many of the mainstay festivities like dancing, lawn games, wedding party photographs and even hugging may be off limits. The Touchless Photobooth gives you one more option to choose from when planning an event that is meant to bring people together and keep us close.

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