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Vendor Highlight: Andrea Putman’s AMP’T Images

Credit: AMP’T Images

When you’re in the event business, there are two things you cherish in the vendors you work with; variety and consistency. We at MiHi Entertainment love knowing that the vendors we collaborate with will always produce top-quality products and have the capacity to do any job needed. One of the best examples of this professional photographer, and one of our beloved photo booth attendants, Andrea Putman.

AMP’T Images is a professional photography company run solely by Andrea, whose work has spanned from senior and family portraits to commercial products and large scale events for decades. With that kind of track record, it’s no wonder all kinds of clients trust her with their big day. She’s captured weddings, engagements, holiday soirees, lavish quinceaneras, graduations and more throughout her career, which are available to peruse on her extensive online galleries. Currently she’s focused on large scale events and working with individuals on headshots, people looking to update their family portraits or newly engaged couples.

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If you’re someone looking for exactly that, know that Andrea is down to shoot in any setting you’ve dreamt of. We’re not kidding- check out her work and see for yourself. Her couples and families have shot in rustic, old-school truck beds, snowy plains, brightly lit forests, fashionable cityscapes and even on trails with two horses in tow! If she hasn’t shot in your perfect location- she’s more than ready to try something new.

As a company intertwined in the wedding and events industry, we realize how valuable a photographer like this is to families and couples looking to capture their special moments. Clients want to know that their photographer will make their shoot fun and comfortable to ensure the best images possible. Looking at the lit-up faces in Andrea’s photos, we know that’s what she achieves every time. Like we said- consistent, quality products is a mark of a perfect vendor.

Regardless of where or what she’s shooting, she can nail any type of shot you need. Detail shots (show off that new engagement ring), large family portraits, candid shots of intimate gatherings- and everything between! You might be surprised at the types of photos you end up wanting during your shoot, which is why you want a flexible photographer with the ability to step up, be the director and create special moments for the purpose of an emotional and artistic photo. Maybe that means a silhouette of you and your loved ones. Or using props that represent your own personalities and relationship. Andrea’s even shot couples with their pets for the ultimate family photo. Now do you see why we love someone with this much variety in their work?

And that skill has only grown with time. Andrea’s photographed clients in the greater Denver metro area for over 20 years, and with no shortage of events or portraits needed in a large city like ours, she’s gotten a lot of experience under her belt. Over time she’s grown her own style, which she says is to be there for you, to be the fly on the wall capturing all the important moments for you to look back on and relive forever.

Credit: AMP’T Images

If you find Andrea’s work to be as wonderful as we have, find her online and let her capture your forever moments now. She can be found at @ampt_images on Instagram or on Facebook as AMP’T Images LLC, Professional Photographer.


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