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Vendor Highlight: Earls Kitchen + Bar

Courtesy of Earl’s Kitchen + Bar

Courtesy of Earl’s Kitchen + Bar

Courtesy of Earl’s Kitchen + Bar

Courtesy of Earl’s Kitchen + Bar

Colorado has quickly become one of the most easy-going and yet refined destinations in the culinary world in recent years. Fine dining establishments and upscale cocktail bars alike welcome jeans-wearing patrons and tattooed bartenders have become the norm in the Centennial State. Here everyone from cowboys to businessmen to hippies have a place to call home and our local establishments reflect our unique personality one of such establishments is Earls Kitchen + Bar.

Earls Kitchen + Bar is a family-owned business founded by Leroy Earl (Bus) Fuller as well as his son Stan Fuller who first opened Earls Restaurants Ltd. in 1982 in Edmonton, Alberta. From humble beginnings as a laid-back burger and beer joint to today, Earls offers a casual yet sophisticated dining experience within its group of independently compelling restaurant locations. While each experience is tailored to the location, Earls is committed to providing a consciously sourced, diverse globally inspired menu from quality ingredients. Their Downtown Denver location is beautifully designed in a modern space with rich wood and eclectic lighting that is inspired by the rustic Colorado landscape. Serving modern fare with global flavors, handcrafted cocktails, a comprehensive wine collection, and approachable, professional service. Earls Glenarm is an obvious reflection of the spirit of Colorado’s dining climate.

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During this time of the 2020 quarantine, Earls has had to adjust to the new landscape and has been providing new services to make life easier during this difficult time. In addition to providing pickup of their full menu, Earls Grocery is a program that provides a unique selection of grocery staples that are hand-picked by the Earls Chefs. This new program is available for pickup and delivery nationwide and provides cooking kits, produce, as well as home essentials. This is proving to benefit their employees by keeping them on payroll as well as the surrounding communities that may not have access to uniquely inspired ingredients and exceptional ideas for cooking at home. Earls is even offering a thirty percent discount to first responders as yet another way to impact the community!

In addition to the new grocery venture, Earls has recently launched the Earls Liquor Store. They provide your favorite spirits, wine, beer, cider, and hard seltzers at competitive retail prices. They hope that you will stock up on six-packs or create fantastic pairings with your favorite Earls dish. Please check their website for discounts on many of their pickup items.

Earls Kitchen + Bar will be a great place to hold your next gathering be it formal or friendly. In the meantime, they are providing crucial services to the community and helping to keep our kitchens full, healthy, and full of flavor!


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