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Vendor Highlight: Ricki Booker Events

Working with a giant company for your mitzvah, gala or wedding day can be hard. Really, really hard. Playing phone tag with different employees, making sure everyone’s on the same page the day of, and simply feeling like they have your needs first. We’ve heard from our own clients that they love the personal communication and one-on-one time we supply as a small business with a big reach. We’ve had to master giving unique, personalized experiences to every client while making sure operations run smoothly and quickly. We value that in ourselves. We value that in our vendors. Which is why we love working with Boulder-based Ricki Booker Events.

To quote one of her past clients “Ricki is a workhorse!” As a one-women event planning company, she nails the very thing that makes her stand out among bigger companies: versatility. “Crafty” doesn’t begin to cover what Ricki brings to her work. Getting into the nitty gritty of an event, and perfecting the small details you as a client might not have had the time to think about! That means everything from planning a party theme, designing invitations, choosing the menu, picking a location, finding entertainment and finalizing centerpieces, party favors, color combinations and tablescape. Yes- we said tablescape.

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Once the event day comes and you step into the fully-decorated venue for the first time, you’ll realize how important it is to get a planner who can tie all those beautiful details together. All that’s left for you to do is spend time with your family and friends!

Amazing design expertise and planning experience aside, working with Ricki Booker Events guarantees a critical piece of your event-planning journey: someone listening to what you truly want, and planning accordingly. It’s never going to be about what she thinks will be best: it’s always about your vision. She prefers personalized parties that feel unique to the individual’s. And that comes from knowing how to chat with clients from the get-go: sitting down with them, understanding what they want to achieve, and creating their perfect experience.

Courtesy: Ricki Booker Events
Courtesy: Ricki Booker Events

Courtesy: Ricki Booker Events

Going back to versatility for a moment, Ricki Booker Events doesn’t stop at weddings and birthday parties. She’s planned Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, funerals, anniversary parties, dinner parties, corporate parties, fundraisers and more. You need it- Ricki can do it. Regardless of size, theme, or venue, Ricki’s events are fully-conceptualized and always unique. Seriously, if you need any more convincing on why to book with Ricki, look at her website that is chock full of raving reviews and beautiful party galleries from past jobs. Every design hits the mark, the guests are always thrilled, and the theme is bursting from every corner of the venue.

If you’re ready to work with someone who works hard, listens carefully, and can handle any event job imaginable- consider giving Ricki a call to start making your dream event a reality.

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