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William Penn Inn – Gwynedd Pennsylvania Venues

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Make Your Day at William Penn Inn

That is right, everyone has heard of William Penn, young and old alike. With over 300 years of history, a long-ago public house has become a beautiful venue for your wedding. Many options are available to match perfectly with what you want your day to be. Your ceremony can be whether indoor or outdoor, and if the outdoors is what you are looking for the Penn Garden is stunning.

The Pennsylvania photo booth is waiting to take your special moments and create your ideal wedding album. Add some extra fun with a creative photo taking method that will impress your guests while taking the photos and when they take them home. It will stand out at the venue, while matching it completely.

Not Just One Here

The William Penn Inn has two ballrooms to choose from. One sporting a gorgeous bar and stunning chandeliers. Ideal for larger receptions, and the fireplace makes for a great gathering place. The other offering beautiful views out of the bow windows.

Either of the spaces will be a perfect place to have your Pennsylvania photo booth. Background options are abundant in both areas, and you will know the perfect spot when you see it. Just think of having a stunning fireplace or the outdoor views in your photos with the people you love.




From the Very BeginninG

We know its not just your reception that needs to be perfect. Your ceremony is the first part of your big day, and starts things off beautifully. William Penn Inn has a variety of options to host your ceremony as well. You will be able to look at them and choose what spot fits with your vision.

William Penn Inn has you Covered!

So many things go into your planning, that it can be overwhelming for sure. From the ceremony and reception to your colors, flowers and more. Well, this venue has something helpful up its sleeve so to speak. With its own flower shop and professional bakery. Oh yes, that means a lot fewer planning issues since you can handle many aspects all at once.

The Pennsylvania photo booth process is also made to take the stress away. From your first contact to the end of your night, your concerns, questions and details will be the top priority of the staff. Meaning for you, more time to focus on other aspects of your day. Plus, this amazingly fun way of taking photos adds a little extra flare to your experience.

Near and Far for All

A destination for your wedding doesn’t necessarily mean you have to travel to an exotic place. You can feel as if you are in a far away land, a different era, and the royal couple you always wanted all at the same time. Feel at home at the William Penn Inn, and capture the day with your Pennsylvania photo booth. The beauty and inspiration will touch each of your guests and warm the event even more.

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