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Whether you’re cooler than James Dean on a trip to Antarctica or merely on a weekend tour to the exotic land of Cool-istan, the Slow Motion Video Booth will make you and your guests look, well, cool.


The Future Is Now.

Admit it. When you were a kid you were obsessed with the future. The Jetsons. Back to the Future Part II. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

But now that we’re here? Where are the hover boards? Flying cars? All the zany adventures involving mistaken identities with our clones?

 Color us disappointed.

Until we saw the slow-motion video booth, that is.


 We’ve been seeing it in movies and TV shows for decades. Arnold Schwarzenegger walking in slow motion away from an explosion. Keanu Reeves ducking slow-mo bullets. Sylvester Stallone connects with a slow-motion hit.

 It works for simple things, too. Check out our video for fun ways that people have used the slow-motion booth to ramp up their forever memories. Even one of our favorite memories was running this booth at the Found Fashion show!

 Seriously, look at it! It makes everyone look like a movie star! Even if you don’t care about looking cinematic, trust us, your friends, family, and co-workers do!


Experience: This has been used at some of the biggest events in the country including working with the NFL. Trust the best.

Full Service: Each rental comes with two attendants. One to run the equipment. One to coach and inspire your guests.

Gear and Playback: our cameras film at 240 frames per second in true 1080p HD. Watch with live playback on our HDTVs or projectors (which totally adds to the vibe of the party!)

Videos: All packages come with online video for your guests and their friends.

Legit: All of our music is 100% legally licensed. Don’t run the risk with hack operators. Check out what songs are available at SongFreedom, Marmoset, and TheMusicBed.

Customizable: Seriously. We do custom like no one else.

Fun: Bring your events into the future and give your guests a singular experience!


What better way to capture all of the sweet and embarrassing moments of a wedding? Sure, there will probably be a photographer. Maybe a videographer. And of course, everyone has a cell phone now…

But we’ve found that people really let loose and get crazy in the photo booth. This is why we have wedding booths and themes running all year round! There’s something about the setup, the lights, the props, and the immediate results (you won’t wait weeks to get your photos back!) that really bring out the creativity in everyone.

 Most people only get married a couple of times in their lives, so don’t forget to rent the cutting edge in photo booth technology!

 Don’t wait for your kids to ask with immense disappointment why your wedding lacked slow-mo videos when you can instead embarrass them by showing all your great footage to their friends for years to come.


Above all else, party planners have one cardinal rule: Don’t. Be. Lame.


This setup is a match made in heaven for your next business party. This is the same booth seen at the highest levels all across the country including parties for YouTube, Google, and the NFL. MiHi has got you covered for all your Denver Slow Motion Video Booth needs. No need to go to the coasts for this magic.

 If you’re a Colorado company party planner, you have other considerations, too. Namely, taking advantage of marketing opportunities and potentially collecting data. Any of our booths do that. However, this slow-motion booth does it better. This box is a veritable marketing machine. Our team can help you do onsite uploads, integrate with Facebook, load to microsites, do onsite edits, and make custom branding.

What's best is the professionally edited video you get from us after the event. Photos are easy and a dime a dozen for marketing and SEO. Professional video is GOLD on all digital marketing platforms.


If you have an idea, let us know. We love creating custom designs!

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