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Feast your eyes on a truly harmonious booth.


Every party planner follows these simple rules:

  • Don’t be lame

  • Don’t skimp on food

  • Don’t water down the punch

  • Don’t hire a lame DJ

  • And above all else, don’t f*** up the photo booth!

Nigel Tufnel from Spinal Tap got it right. When everyone else is going to 10, you need to go to 11. Our Guitar Photo booth is your 11!


MiHi Photo Booth has the perfect setup for every occasion. That’s because we’re the mad-scientist-nutty-professors of the party planning world.

Even if we didn’t have it, we’d make it. And it would be better than anything you’d ever seen. (Easy to use, too.) Our Guitar Booth rock n roll creation started out exactly that way. Let’s take you all the way back to another time long, long ago. 2017 to be exact.

The Children’s Diabetes Foundation contacted us for their 2017 fundraiser. They needed something special.  Something stellar. Something next-level. Something to help them “fly away” with the night. Because LENNY KRAVITZ was performing at their fundraiser. And auctioning off a bunch of autographed guitars. Thus, this iconic booth was born.



This isn’t your first show. You know better. You didn’t water down the punch bowl. You need something RIDICULOUSLY fun. And idiot proof.

That’s us. That’s what we do. Our booths are mad-scientist-designed to be easy and fun. You don’t have to take our word for it.

Our attendant sets up at the beginning of your event. We bring a bunch of printing paper, pose flash cards (in case people get shy), and TONS of props.

(Got an idea for a prop? Challenge us. We dare you...)

They take care of everything for you. Super friendly and foolproof! Your pictures print out right away. Forever memories in just minutes.

Plus (get this) the pictures can be sent through SMS! (That’s the fancy name for a text message). Create a hashtag for your event. Upload to social media. BAM! All of a sudden, you’re a trending topic.

Simple. Intuitive. Organic marketing for corporate events. Or a way to make a new best friend! Or three best friends!


Let’s face it. Sometimes the best parties are the ones we remember the least.

If you’re at a rock n roll themed event, reliving the summer of ‘69, not sure if that hit you just took was Metamucil or something harder, you are going to want something to help you piece together your night.

Three words: Guitar. Photo. Booth. It creates Forever Memories in minutes.


Let me tell you how:

• It’s a beacon

• It draws people in

• Pose Flash Cards (in case people freeze!)

• Props (to unleash your creativity!)

• An awesome attendant to ensure everything goes smoothly

• It prints quickly

• It texts pictures to your phone


Don’t blame us if our setup becomes the hit of the party! Or totally blame us. We’ll take all the blame for awesome parties!


On Site Attendant

Professional. Reliable. Every time.

Unlimited Sessions

Guest Come Back Again and Again

Customized Prop Selection

A box full of Interaction

Photo Booth Backdrop

A Variety of Fabrics

Custom Photo Strip Design

You Choose, We Deliver

Online Gallery

Link to ALL of the Photos of your Event

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