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Want to see what we can add to your event?

Unlimited Sessions with Two Prints-	MiHi Entertainment

Unlimited Sessions with Two Prints

Per Session

We try to be responsible with our printing, which is why we limit the phyisical prints to two per person to prevent waste. Don't worry, you'll get the option to text or email yourself a copy as well!

Personalized Props and Pose Flashcards-MiHi Entertainment

Personalized Props and

Pose Flashcards

We’re always updating our prop selection to keep your pictures fresh and exciting!

Have you seen our pose flashcards? Your attendant is armed with a stack of flashcards that have pose ideas on them.
Right before the photo booth takes a picture, you'll be prompted to strike a pose. 

Customized Photo Strip Layout Design-MiHi Entertainment

Customized Photo Strip

Layout Design

We make photo strips all day for our clients and we love it! From vintage to modern, retro to elegant, we believe each person’s special event is just that, special, and it deserves a custom one of a kind photo strip!

Engaging Attendants-MiHi Entertainment

Engaging Attendants

Not only do our attendants deliver and set up the photo booth rental, but they also stand by to ensure your guests always have ideas to pose for the camera.


Their friendly attitude will keep your guests coming back for more.

Online Post-Event Gallery-MiHi Entertainment

Online Post-Event Gallery

We found that our guests were taking pictures of the printed photo strips and texting them to their friends and family so we decided to offer the online gallery as a complimentary "Thank You" for booking with us.


After your event, we will upload your pictures to a secure gallery and send you a link to it with a download pin that you can share with whomever you'd like!

Choice of Backdrop

We've got quite the collection of backdrops to block out the background and focus fully on you! Does your venue have a great background? We can set up without the backdrop! If you’re feeling crafty, we can use your backdrop.


We also have a line of premium backdrops that will look awesome at your party!

MiHi Entertainment Event using our Classic Booth


Drinking Martinis


All of our packages come with these standard services included.


On top of our standard services, we also have Premium Add-Ons that you can add to various packages. 

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