Boogie Groove Entertainment. Friday, July 21 at Your Mom's House

Boogie Groove Entertainment and MiHi Photo Booth are teaming up to bring you an amazing show at Your Mom's House! With three incredibly groovy funk bands SuperMagick, Boogie Mammoth, and Zagriculture, you won't miss a beat! Our MiHi Selfie Photo Booth will attend to document the party, so you will be able to share this unforgettable night with everyone!

MiHi Photo Booth met with James Bedwell of Boogie Groove Entertainment today at Your Mom's House and Pearls between N. Washington and Pearl on 13th Ave in Denver. Boogie Groove Entertainment was created to bring new talent and creative entertainment to venues to share with the masses. With a great passion for music, Boogie Groove Entertainment did just that today as our party animal, the MiHi Selfie was invited to attend this spectacular showcase of talent. Smile and say "Cheese" as MiHi grooves on Friday, July 21st at Your Mom's House.

Boogie Groove is a life style. Boogie Groove Entertainment provides music, art, and an expression for multiple venues throughout the state of Colorado. Take a look at the bands featured on 7/21/2017!

Oh- Oh- Oh It's Magick! SuperMagick is Funk, Soul and Disco. With a harmony of three horns, drums, bass, guitar and a female vocalist, SuperMagick brings it big time! Coming together in 2003, the band has been making booties shake all over Colorado. Check out their Facebook page at @SuperMagickBand

Loved Boogie Mammoth's cute catch-phrase: Ice age funk bangers ta getcha booty moovin! This is a hot funk band with plenty of mooving going on! In the spring of 2016, Boogie Mammoth flipped the switch to the time machine. Let the dance party begin! This band of musical neanderthals consists of Miss Rachel Rand, Ben Hammer & Mertz, Dan Orso, Jeff Leadford; and common sit-ins by the Woolly Horns. Let's hear it for a cool concoction of funk, disco and soul when Boogie Mammoth's in the building. Like Boogie Mammoth on Facebook at @boogiemammoth

Zagriculture is a band based in Denver who takes inspiration from funk, rock, jazz and jam music and makes it their own. In May of 2012, Roni Zagoria, Josh Smith and Craig Hoggatt initiated their cool sound, while Joe Zimmet later joined the band bringing his considerable trumpet skills! Joel Cheney and Joe Lilly have added their talent to bring Zagriculture full circle. Find them at @Zagriculture on Facebook.

We're looking forward to snapping your photo and hearing these bands thanks to Boogie Groove Entertainment and MiHi Photo Booth!

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Bellows at Lala's Wine Bar

Bellows at Lala's

Romance is in the air this June! How wonderful to see two people so in love, that they book the very place where they first met to share the joy of their union with their family and friends. While the couple married the year before, they wanted to share their newly-wed adventure with loved ones in a very unique and fitting way, to re-live their first date!

MiHi had a grand time at Lala’s Wine Bar and Pizzeria in Denver, the venue chosen for this special occasion.

Lala’s Wine Bar is a fabulous wine and pizzeria located in Capitol Hill. Best known for their delicious Mimosa’s and great selection of wines, plan on staying awhile as the place is one of the most charming Italian food spots Denver has to offer. If you are a Chardonnay fan, Lala’s is the place to be. The vibe here is relaxed with a comforting feel, yet great for a professional meeting.

Enter MiHi Photo booth, voted best booth service in Denver. MiHi came prepared for this special event toting digital fun wrapped in an historic masterpiece- our 1920’s Bellows Booth.

Our Bellows Camera may be MiHi’s ‘Grandfather’ booth, but comes with the vigor of youth with upgraded components guiding the antique sophistication surrounding the vintage charmer. This booth slid seamlessly into La La’s atmosphere with its eye catching, pleated, historic appearance. Guests crowded around the Bellows, pressing in to be included in each frame. Our Bellows Booth stands the test of time atop a custom tripod with brass fittings. An oldie, but a goodie, Grandfather Bellows snaps digital photos offering today’s technology with an SMS feature that allows you to send your photo to your phone in addition to printing out instantly on site, transforming your experience in time.

The accordion feature allows this traveling booth the opportunity to make a serious impression at any event, bringing us back to a simpler era. And it doesn’t get any easier than this! MiHi has got you covered with a variety of booths to fit any occasion. And if you don’t see what you like, let us know! We are always looking for creative ways to serve you better.

As Denver’s #1 Photo Booth, MiHi is proud to announce that our family of booths offer flexibility and creativity limited only by your imagination! We hope to visit Lala’s again soon!







A Beach Themed Photo Booth Party in Boulder, CO

If you live in Colorado, you probably know the closest thing Boulder has to a beach is its reservoir. Well, that all changed when we got to the Chautauqua Dining Hall and saw the great setup we were working with. 

Put together by, this Bat Mitzvah had an ice cream stand, themed party favors, and beach decor everywhere. The guests were dressed and ready for a beach day, and this event delivered (minus the actual water). More about our beach themed photo booth setup though.

We were set up in a 10x10' nook in the main room, which was perfect for keeping the beach balls from getting too far from the setup. The vinyl backdrop had a beach printed on it and the guests were to sit on a beach chair and play with the beach balls while they got their photos taken. The initial reaction of the guests was pure excitement as they saw how cool the whole setup was. (There was a line for the whole 4 hours!) Here are a few pictures.