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Riverwood Mansion – Nashville Venues

Come Party at Riverwood Mansion

If you have always wanted to feel like royalty at an event that is all about you, then come on in! The Riverwood Mansion is an ideal venue for any event! Wedding, roaring 20’s (yes they are back), reception or theme party If you are planning to entertain and make lasting memories than this could be your magic spot. The beauty, and atmosphere are abundant, adding a special touch for you and your guests alike.

Speaking of special touches, don’t forget about your Nashville photo booth. A way to not only capture beautiful memories, but add a ton of fun to your event. Posing for the camera, using fun props, and group photos are just a few great things about the process. When you are planning your details, you can add on to your photos as well! An elegant border, a fun design, dates or names are a few touches that will complete your vision. That is right, you can customize your photos to have them make an even bigger impression.




The Stunning Scenery at Riverwood Mansion

Sitting on over 2,000 acres, the scenery that surrounds the mansion will take your breath away. Gorgeous lush lawns and amazing walkway canopied with greenery and vines. Stunning gardens that are home to a wonderful gazebo. The warmth of the south sun shining during the day, the breeze of the air at night. No matter what you decide for an event time the outdoor setting will make a statement for sure.

We have all seen amazing photos with backdrops of flowers, greenery and the beauty of nature. Now, you can have the backdrop to match the stunning event you have planned with your Nashville photo booth. Not only will you be able to share your memories of the day for years to come, you will be able to show your venue off too.

Riverwood Mansion Itself

Riverwood Mansion itself is stunning as well. Décor from the grand entryway, gorgeous hardwood floors, marble and more. All waiting for you and your guests. If you are planning your big day, there are multiple wedding packages. Allowing you to customize your experience and make sure that both you and your guests are comfortable. We know that not every wedding will be the same, and that is why, large or small guest counts don’t affect the end result here. Same can be said if it is a flashy, classy Gatsby theme party, a revival of a roaring 20’s party or any event you host here. It will be everything you wanted and more.

As you enter the event space and see your Nashville photo booth waiting for you, a smile will surely come to life. Knowing that you and your guests will be able to party the night away, all while every photo taken will be perfect. The part we haven’t mentioned yet, well, your photos come to life and are printed right on site for you. You will be making memories, and showing them off right after!

Come feel at home in the south with Riverwood Mansion and your Nashville photo booth.


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