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The DuPont Circle Hotel – Washington DC Venues

Photos from the Dupont Circle website

Picture Yourself Here

Planning your event may seem to be more stressful that you anticipated. Well, that doesn’t need to be the case. The staff at The Dupont Circle understands that and are ready, willing, and able to help you plan the perfect event. That extra touch gives you some breathing room on what you want the day to be and all the details you want incorporated. It’s always nice to have a helping hand when you want everything to be just right.

The help doesn’t stop there. The staff for your DC photo booth will also be there for you from beginning to end. If this is your first experience with a photo booth, you will love the ease of the process. Not to mention the final results which you will receive at the end of the event. Oh yes, your photos are printed on site at your event! So, let the sharing begin.



Con on In and Enjoy

The Dupont Circle has multiple event spaces to chose from. Each space boasting a beautiful décor to help enhance your event a little more. You will be hosting your party in style whether large or small. From a space complete with the 50’s feel, windows that extend ceiling to floor, and stunning view of the garden, to a choice of two unique ballroom areas, just imagine how gorgeous your event can be. One of the stunning ballrooms also has an outdoor patio area that is perfect if you would like to incorporate the natural aspects.

There sits your DC photo booth, just waiting for you and your guests to come and strike a pose. You have picked your perfect venue, your perfect event space and backdrop all that remains is make some perfect photo magic. Elegance in your wedding album, and fun props, poses, or faces in the roaring 20’s style, will leave you more than pleased with your choices.

Some Sophisticated Taste and Fun to Boot

Don’t worry about what style your event will be! At The Dupont Circle any style will match the venue perfectly. So, not only will a lavish Gatsby theme party turn out beautifully but an elegant wedding will as well. The one of a kind events you are looking to hold will go down in history as a huge success.

Your DC photo booth also adds a hint of sophistication all its own. That is right while the technology is completely state of the art, it is cleverly hidden in the shell of a vintage style bellows camera. Now, it will add to your story, the way it has for many before you.



Words that Hold Special Meaning

Look for the reviews and stories of times shared at The Dupont Circle. Not only their stories of the venue, but the effect the venue had on those special events! Showing you how magical your event can be. Don’t forget about your DC photo booth, rave reviews will have you anxiously anticipating your results.


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