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The Gingerbread House – Savannah Venues

The Gingerbread House-Says Style

The Gingerbread House was built in 1899, and has a style all its own. If you have never seen the steamboat gothic architecture style, it will absolutely blow your mind. The concept came from modeling them after the steamboats of the rivers. This amazing venue is viewed by many Savannah tours and holds a special historical presence. You will fall in love with this venue as soon as you see it.

We all know that so many decisions and so much planning go into your wedding. The Savannah photo booth will free up some of your time for sure. From the first conversation with the staff, to the end of your big day, you will have nothing to worry about. They can turn your dream photos into reality, that will be cherished for years to come.

Standing Before you, Just Waiting

The giant oak tree towers above you as you make your way to the front door of the 3-story southern mansion. Imagine the feeling you will have knowing that for this, your big day, the entire place is yours to have. That is right, when you have your perfect wedding day at The Gingerbread House, the whole venue is yours to use. As soon as you enter the doorway, you will feel like a real southern belle in this elegant venue.

As you venture inside, you will be able to take it all in and find the perfect spot. For what, you may be asking. For your Savannah photo booth of course. The venue lends itself to many gorgeous backdrop opportunities. You and your guests will love the way your photos come out, and that there is no waiting. All your photos will be printed on site for you before you leave.




Some of the Beautiful Touches Inside

The Gingerbread House has stunning antique décor and furnishings. Rooms with lavish fireplaces waiting for you, a gorgeous conservatory, and elaborate wood trim throughout the mansion. The large wooden staircase, amazingly crafted and just as picturesque as the rest of the mansion.

Whether you chose a space where a fireplace is behind you or on the beautiful staircase the results will speak for themselves. The Savannah photo booth you chose matching the venue perfectly, will transport you and your guests. But don’t worry, the state-of-the-art technology will provide you flawless photos.

How About Some Fresh Air?

Let’s head out to the private courtyard at The Gingerbread House. The trees surrounding the area add a special touch to this space that has not only a beautiful gazebo, but also a waterfall. A great place to host either your ceremony or reception. Plus, you will be feeling the warm breezes, the sun lighting up the area, birds chirping, and all of your guests having a great time. What a wonderful way to spend your wedding day.

If you love pictures that have water features in them, well this is your ideal Savannah photo booth location. As the waterfall goes behind you, bringing a tranquility to the spot, and the freedom to make your dreams come true.

You can’t go wrong with The Gingerbread House and Savannah photo booth match up.


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