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This is it, parents. Your little bundle of joy finally made it! Look at them! All grown up and ready to tackle the world! Did you think this day would ever come? Think back to their first day of school. When you walked into their classroom. Little desks. Little chairs. Maybe they were a little scared. Maybe a little excited. They were just so little! Did you get a first day picture?


We get it. Your little wumpkins isn’t so little anymore. Your new grad is cool, sophisticated, and wants to throw a party that will impress friends and family alike. After all, you’re a party planning expert at this point. Years of birthdays, Halloweens, sleepovers, 4th of July. You probably have a ton of ideas for a graduation party.

Except this is no ordinary party. This is a once in a lifetime shindig. This is the culmination of years of hard work.

Years of you waking them up, giving them rides, making sure they did their homework. Years of you making sure they didn’t accidentally kill themselves from doing incredibly stupid, yet very fun things! (Shout out to my mom right now! Thanks for keeping me alive. Love you!)

Let’s cut to the chase. This graduation party isn’t really for them. It’s for you. You deserve an awesome party. Let us help you.


Let’s relieve you of some partying planning stress.

We’re going to give you some ideas for a graduation party:

• Pick a theme. We have plenty of theme ideas to help you out. This will help all the other details fall into place. Especially if your grad has a favorite hobby or is planning to go to college to pursue something awesome!

• Send out invitations early. Make sure to include everyone who helped them (and you) get to this point. Their friends. Your friends. Relatives. Teachers. Clergy. Scout leaders. Parole Officers. No judgment. This is a day of celebration!

• Let your neighbors know, especially if you’re expecting a ton of people! That way they won’t get too irritated by the parking situation.

• Prep, prep, prep. Get things done early so you can enjoy the party as much as possible!

• Rent extra tables and chairs. Juggling food and drinks while you’re trying to interpretive dance is lame. Don’t be lame.

• Get catering. Trust us when we say trust the professionals. You don’t want to spend all week worrying about food.

• Plan for activities. How about grad trivia? Dancing? Limbo? Pin the tassel on the grad?

• Rent a Graduation Photo Booth. Seriously. Photo booths have become a de facto part of any memorable party.


So many things can go wrong when you’re planning a graduation party.
MiHi Photo Booth can help make sure that you get the forever moments you deserve!. Let us take care of this part for you.

It will be AWESOME. Guaranteed.


You want to capture forever memories. And you don’t want to be lame. With as little stress as possible. We got your back!

We know you already want the photo booth, but here are the reasons you can use to persuade the people helping to pay for the party.

• People flocking to your photo booth.

• An attendant to help ensure a stress free evening.

• Customizable to any theme. Any theme. Challenge us!

• Custom photo layouts

• Instant photos - no more waiting weeks or months to see if you had a goofy grin! Ensure that your goofy grin came through perfectly.

• Send photos to your phone or email to immediately share on social media

• Props. Props. Props.

• Amazing backdrops! (We have backdrops for every occasion. Or we can bring our green screen and use custom backdrops!)

• Record video (think digital yearbook)

Seriously, though. We do custom like no one else. If you have an idea, we’ll make it happen.

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