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Virtual Reality Game


We can make your dream event a reality!


We’re MiHi Photo Booth. We’ve been industry leaders in the Denver photo booth scene. We developed the Pose Flashcards, we’ve been voted Denver’s Best Photo Booth Service, and we’re dropping an atomic bomb of awesome on Denver’s party scene with our virtual reality rentals! Once you’ve experienced the magic of VR, no other party will feel complete without it!

Virtual Reality Rentals-MiHi Entertainment


Look, we know how hard it is to throw an awesome party. All those pesky details and planning to make a good time seem effortless. The food. The drinks. The music. The decor. The fun.

The fun!

Everyone has their own definition of fun. You only have to throw one dud of a party to realize that not everyone appreciates knitting competitions quite as you do. But hey, at least you got some sweet hats and scarves out of it. Even if they are a couple of sizes too small.


If you don’t want to be known as the poor party planner, you’ll want to up your game.


What if we told you there was a way to ensure that almost everyone had a killer time at your party? That it could be an experience tailored to each guest? That it could be fresh every time, never getting old?


It’s new. It’s a novel. And it’s going to blow their minds!


Your guests will be talking about your party for months to come.


It’s Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality Rentals-MiHi Entertainment


We want to make sure that you (and your guests) have the best experience possible.


So, let’s talk!

What kind of event are you throwing? What kind of virtual reality experiences do you and your guests want to have? Do you have a theme? Are you looking for corporate branding tie-ins or just to have the coolest party possible?? Do you want to be nominated for the party hall of fame???

These are just some of the questions we’ll want to cover. We'll provide you with a list of recommended experiences based on our conversation.

We’ll use our years of experience to help ensure you have the best party possible.


We’ll cover these details so you won’t have to stress it.

• Tons of experiences for guests.


• An Attendant to assist your guests.


• VR Broadcasting. See what the user experiences on screen!

(Not applicable to all experiences)


• All necessary equipment for Broadcasting. Projector, camera, mounting, etc.


• Branding opportunities. Just ask how we can brand this activation for your needs!


• Customization. We do custom like no one else. If you have an idea- contact us and let us know.

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