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Rainier Chapter House – Seattle Venues

Photos from Wedding Spot for Rainier Chapter House

Wait, is that? No, it Can’t Be

Are you looking for a very elegant venue, that holds a rich history? Well, Rainier Chapter House has some history in more that 1 way. The venue was built in 1925, and was at one point a meeting house. Besides the history of all the beautiful events, it is also a replica. Yes, of Mount Vernon. Can you imagine spending the most memorable day of your lives in a home just like George Washington had?

Now imagine, having the perfect matching Seattle photo booth there to a capture your special moments. That’s right, the statement your photos will make with this setting in the background will wow all those that see them. Whether you are looking for a backdrop outdoors, or with the décor inside, you won’t be disappointed.

Would You Like It All?

The full three floors of the Rainier Chapter House can be yours for your event. Plenty of room for all of your guests, a special place to get ready, and the beautiful yard, makes it perfect! Pulling into the horse shoe driveway the gorgeous house in front of you. The front yard surrounded by ironwork fence just as back in the day.

There it is, your Seattle photo booth waiting for you. Just think of your photos, your wedding party on the front porch, or in the yard under a gorgeous tree. The outcome will be everything you hoped and wished for.




It is All in the Details

While Rainier Chapter House has all the modern-day necessities you may need. However, it furnished with 20’s era furniture, and accessories. Beautiful chandeliers, French doors, and period paintings all a part of the beautiful interior waiting to bring a special touch to your day. There is also a ballroom, for your reception needs. A great place to take the party up a notch.

The Seattle photo booth, looks like it stepped out of the past itself. Vintage style makes this photo taking method as authentic seeming as possible. Inside however, it is young and rejuvenated and as high tech as you. The on-site printer, making your album creating time much easier and quicker.

Each Difference Makes It Unique

The big day for everyone is a little different. That is part of what makes them unique. All of your decisions show something about you. The flowers, colors, music, food, each showing your guests a piece of you that they may not know about you. Imagine what having your experience at Rainier Chapter House will say to them.

Your Seattle photo booth will do the same thing. The best part being that it is such a memorable fun experience you and all those with you will cherish it. So many good things and people talking, laughing and dancing why not take a minute to pose and enjoy what this photo magic can do.

Fall in Love with History

Profess your love and the love of the past with Rainier Chapter House and your Seattle photo booth.

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