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Photos from & Wedding Spot for Rainier Chapter House

Take a Look around and Fall in Love

Take a deep breath, planning your big day can overwhelm you, we know. Let us help with a few ideas that just may help you decide. If you are looking to get away and share your day, a Seattle venue can fit the bill. If you had not thought of Seattle, you won’t be disappointed with what it has to offer. The famous Space Needle, Museum of Flight, and Skyview observatory are just a few of the places to visit while there. If you are drawn to all things that have to do with music, this is your city as well, with a rich history.

Taking care of more than one thing in the planning process can be very stress relieving. We are here to help out with that as well. A Seattle photo booth will add a fun and unique touch, while still providing stunning wedding photos.

Here are a few places that are great choices for your special day.

Georgetown Ballroom

This beautiful Seattle venue, formerly the Mission Theater, offers both indoor and outdoor event spaces. Perfect for both ceremonies and receptions, you can spend the entire day with those you love in one place.

The décor of the venue is made for backdrop gold. From the exposed brick and high ceilings, your Seattle photo booth will be able to capture exactly what you are looking for.


Rebecca Ellison Photography

Rebecca Ellison Photography

The Stables

The fully restored venue was once used by a racetrack. The 2,500 square foot Seattle venue has beautiful décor. The brick walls, beams and high ceilings aim to impress. This isn’t your regular venue though, the fun-loving side of you will be right at home here. Rooms that have kids’ games, to an antique motorcycle and more, there is something for everyone.

Taking the fun up a notch can be easily achieved with your Seattle photo booth. You can use both the venue itself and a more traditional backdrop to achieve your photo perfection with ease.

Rainier Chapter House

When you first see this Seattle venue you may be caught off guard. If your first thought is Mount Vernon, you are correct. It is a replica of the famous George Washington house. The 3-floor venue, with front porch and stunning front yard offering elegant décor and beautiful scenery is waiting to make your day wonderful.

Wrought iron fencing surrounding the yard, gathered with your wedding party in front of the main doorway, makes for a beautiful picture don’t you think? Make it happen with your Seattle photo booth. If you prefer the stunning décor inside, you will have plenty of places to choose from.



Can’t’ Go Wrong Here

Close to water, views of the skyline, to your special day a Seattle venue will help make magic for you. All of that wedding magic caught with your Seattle photo booth. Let us add a little fun and unique style to your day. You will not regret your decision and the experience will be shared for years to come.


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