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Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

It’s almost September of 2020 and by now you’re realizing that having an in-person holiday party this year may not be the best idea for your company. Maybe you can’t find a venue large enough to hold everyone, or maybe you simply don’t want to risk anyone getting sick. That’s where MiHi comes in. MiHi has partnered with Matrix Events to offer Virtual Events of all types, check out some of our holiday party ideas.

Virtual Whisky Tasting

What sounds more fun, drinking alcohol or trying to find parking downtown? Dressing up only to find out last minute that there’s a snag in your clothes or tasting different types of whisky? Trying to find a babysitter so you can go to your company holiday party only to find out that your trusted network of babysitters are already booked, or staying home and joking with your company friends while getting buzzed and learning about whisky? If you answered whisky for any of these questions, then our Virtual Whisky Tasting is for you.

We’ll ship your attendees a box with different whiskys in it and tell them not to open until your Virtual Whisky Tasting event. The box will include a beautiful wooden flight with whisky snifter glasses that can be branded. When they log in to the event, we’ll have a whisky expert and a fun personality (actor, comedian) guide them through the whisky experience. Your guests are able to interact with both sommelier and the actor throughout the show, as well as ask questions they may have.

If you’d like to replace the whisky with another liquor, wine, beer, or even a cocktail(s), we’re all for it!

Virtual Paint and Sip

You’ll notice a trend with these events; alcohol and personalities. We’ll ship your guests a box of painting supplies (with or without alcohol) and on the day of the event, we’ll have our actor and our painter together instructing your guests on how to paint a specific picture. With lots of laughing and a painting your guests can be proud to say they made, the Virtual Paint and Sip is the perfect event for the creative types.

Virtual Game Show

Our host and personality will be ready to play a game of your choice, whether Family Feud, Jeopardy, or even Trivia. We’ll split your guests into teams if necessary and include custom questions to really engage your employees.

Because this is your company holiday party, let us ship your attendees a themed gift box that has been curated by our team and is comprised of goods from local small businesses. You choose one of our themes, we do the rest.

Our virtual event services include the video production of your event and can be completely turnkey so you can sit back and enjoy the party with the rest of your team. Let us handle the pre-production, the day of technical aspects, and everything else that goes into your celebration.


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