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What is a Virtual Event?

Virtual Events

The world of events has changed drastically over the last year but at MiHi Entertainment we have realized that they are not going away and do not need to be boring! We have all seen the awkward Zoom calls when the boss is talking and everyone is quietly checking their Facebook or loudly talking over each other. However, Virtual Events don’t need to be this way.

We believe that a Virtual Event can be just as entertaining as a live event and this means breaking the mold of a standard meeting. We have worked with multiple companies throughout the pandemic that have wanted to share important information with their employees, while also maintaining an authentic fun experience and giving everyone a little chance to blow off some steam. Holding a Virtual Event doesn’t have to mean a fuzzy webcam and a Zoom room full of disinterested people.


At MiHi Entertainment we create an authentic experience by using top of the line streaming and photography technology, engaging professional entertainment, and activities that anyone across the globe can participate in together. Our team has been extremely successful in using high definition cameras and stunning sets to create a more authentic feel when joining a virtual event hosted by your company or even a wedding party. We use high-end audio equipment to ensure the sound quality of your event and make your event attendants are a part of the experience by using professional comedic and qualified talent that everyone can interact with throughout the event. Our talent loves to talk to their audience and you’ll love to hear what they have to say, whether it’s a serious answer or sarcastic joke back to your boss.

While two- way communication with the talent is always fun it is also important to ensure that this is coupled with all kinds of attendant work-from-interaction. We host whiskey and wine tastings, cooking classes, and cocktail parties. This may seem hard to achieve as you don’t want the whole Zoom room running around the house looking for a bottle opener but we take care of that too by sending your guests an event kit filled with all of the ingredients needed to participate.

As part of a Virtual event experience, you can customize your event and have all the necessary ingredients sent to your attendants prior to your event whether it be whiskey and snifters or paint pallets with wine. We can make certain that everyone is ready to enjoy themselves together even when they are apart!

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