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Whitehead Manor – Charlotte Venues

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Your Event at Whitehead Manor

Let the planning begin for your perfect event. A wedding, a Gatsby party, or a family re-union will be a complete success at Whitehead Manor. The Victorian manor was built in 1895, and has been renovated to offer you modern day amenities. Afterall, we know how important each of your details are and that each holds special meaning for you.

Speaking of planning, don’t forget your Charlotte photo booth! This fun and easy way of capturing your photo memories will make your photos as one of a kind as your event itself.

3 Acres of the South just For You

That is right, hosting your event at Whitehead Manor means you have the exclusive use of the entire venue. The only decision being where you prefer to share your event. Not only is the venue all yours, you will have options on how long you will have at the venue as well. Yes, that means even more ways to customize your experience and your event overall.

This is perfect for your Charlotte photo booth! Why you ask? Well backdrop option of course. You will be expressing yourself in a way that will not only impress your guests, but help bring each photo a unique touch. Paired with photo options and additions you can create your ultimate album.




Southern Breezes and Sunshine Surround

If you are looking to host your wedding, or maybe even a fun and lavish Gatsby party, Whitehead Manor is a wonderful choice. The gardens are beautiful and precisely manicured, lavish lawns, with beautiful walkways, all allowing you to enjoy the arm southern breeze, sunshine, and the overall atmosphere of the south. From the stunning gazebo, where you can share the intimate moments, or the tree swing for quiet reflection, the surroundings of the venue will be as spectacular as your event.

Every element of the surroundings here will add a different aesthetic to your photos. Your Charlotte photo booth will take each of your memories to a new level with every click of the camera. So, whether traditional photos, or fun-loving party photos, you can’t go wrong.

What is Being Said?

Rarely do people make decisions in the planning process on a whim. It’s important to see what people are saying about their experience and how their event came to life. You will be able to see just how much of a pleasure it was having Whitehead Manor as the event space. Each review and testimonial giving you unique insight on the venue, and those involved.

If you have never experienced an event with a Charlotte photo booth, you will love seeing the stories from those who have. From the ease of the planning process, to the end of the night when the photos are handed out, so many positive things will inspire you for you event. It doesn’t matter what you are planning either. Your dream wedding, an extravagant Gatsby party, or a special birthday party, the reviews will speak for themselves.


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