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4 Unique Colorado Springs Wedding Venues

Colorado Springs Photo Booth and Venue Ideas

There are so many decisions to be made in the planning of your event. We know it can be overwhelming, and no one wants to stress the details. So, let us help with some ideas. Not only for your venue but for your Colorado Springs Photo Booth as well. Whether you are looking for something quaint or something over the top, we can help you with it.

Your Colorado Springs Photo Booth will be a lovely addition to your special day. Not only will we help with choosing the perfect booth, we will have one that will match your style, but here are a few venue options that may be right up your alley.

Hearth House Venue – Rustic like your Photo Booth

Hearth House Venue offers beautiful sliding barn doors, fireplaces, indoor and outdoor options. Imagine having your special day in a place with beautiful mountain views and water features. Now picture using that natural setting as your background for your Colorado Springs Photo Booth experience.

This rustic style venue is perfect with its open style, and quaint settings. Paired with a booth, such as our Rustic Booth, you will cherish the memories made with the beautiful results. An added touch is the cottage used as a bridal suite. Offering a quiet, calming place for you to get ready for your big day. It’s always nice to have a little quiet space before show time.

Black Forest by Wedgewood Weddings

Black Forest by Wedgewood Weddings is a lovely spot to begin the newest chapter of your life. This venue also offers both indoor and outdoor options. There is a banquet hall and dance floor, and for something a little more traditional, they have a neutral chapel on site. Which would be perfect for any style wedding. Your Colorado Springs Photo Booth will capture all the beautiful memories here for you to share with all your guests.

This venue also offers many options for natural backgrounds for your photos. If you’re unsure of what would be the perfect spot to set up your Colorado Springs Photo Booth, don’t worry we can help find it with you. Our attendants are well trained in those matters.

Garden of the Gods Resort

Garden of the Gods Resort may be just the place for you. This venue is beautiful both inside and out. No matter which option you choose you will not be disappointed. When you are thinking of your photos, and see this spot, you will know how much the photo booth will enhance them. Surrounded by not only the mountains, but beautiful red rock, trees, and a and an overall lovely nature setting.

The options at this venue will be cohesive with any style wedding, and with more than enough room for all your guests. Matched up with a photo booth, such as our vintage booth, you and your guests will love the results and cherish the memories, and to share them for years.

The Broadmoor

This beautiful venue, The Broadmoor, was built in the 1800’s and is considered one of Colorado’s most excellent event spaces. The building’s luxury decor and 5 star accommodations are perfect for a large extravagant wedding or even a small get together of your closest friends and family.


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