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Blast from the Past: 70s Themed Photo Booth

Do something you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.

There are so many things to love about our job. Creating custom backdrops, props, and photo strips. Seeing our photos plastered all over social media. Creating forever memories for people. Innovating the photo booth industry.

And traveling!

Recently, we hauled our state of the art gear to The Studio in Boulder. Not only do we love the Bohemian vibe, but we especially love visiting all the unique places that the People’s Republic of Boulder has to offer. The Studio is no exception!

Self-described as “Boulder’s only industrial chic venue,” we love how they have set up their space. Unique in that it’s used by entrepreneurs and artists during the day, it’s used as an event center after hours.

We were there to help celebrate a 70’s themed birthday party planned by our friend, Ricki Booker. Ricki is a superstar event planner and we were honored that she specifically chose us to do the photo booth.

70's party.jpg

Providing that perfect photo booth party experience is what we do best. There’s a reason why MiHi Photo Booth has been voted best in Denver.

And being the best, you get to work with the best. The best event planners. The best venues. The best parties!

Ricki knows that we do custom like no one else. So when the birthday party wanted a custom backdrop, we were thrilled by the challenge and happy to oblige.

We customized a photo booth backdrop to fit their theme. Here’s one of the many things that separates us from other places: we don’t use vinyl backdrops. We use the fabric kind.


Even though cloth backdrops cost more, they don’t reflect the glare of the flash like the vinyl ones.

We want your photos to be supermodel quality. Chic. Stylish. A perfect snapshot of that moment and that day. So when you look back you only remember the good times. Not be distracted by poor photos.

Flash glare is lame. And we don’t do lame. We only do awesome!

The party was a blast and our photo booth was a smash! The 70s era outfits were amazing and hilarious! Everyone was dressed up perfectly and broke out the 70s lingo and slang.

We love all the creative ways people use our props. Plus we love seeing people coming back over and over again, making sure to get group photos with all f their family and friends.

At the end of the day, that’s what we love the most: helping create forever memories for people.

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