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Choosing a Photo Booth Company for Your Wedding

Choosing a Photo Booth Company for Your Wedding

photo booth
photo booth

photo booth

A photo booth is one of the most popular things to have at an engagement party, couples shower, or wedding reception. After all, guests get to have fun with props, interact with each other and take home great memories from your special day. However, before you jump in and book that photo booth for your big day, make sure you ask a few questions.

1. Is this their full time job? A lot of times, people do a photo booth company on the side, for some extra money. That also means they’re not as committed to their photo booth business—or YOUR event.

2. Is their photo booth and open air booth or enclosed? Traditional enclosed photo booths are great if you’re at a restaurant or club, but when it’s your event? You want other guests to be able to see the fun as it’s happening. An open air photo booth is much more engaging and memorable.

3. Can the backdrops be customized? Do they only offer a few limited choices, or can backdrops match your wedding colors, or even be customized to fit your theme?

4. Are there any hidden costs? Some photo booth companies quote a price, and then nickel and dime you to death for “add ons.”

5. Do they provide high quality photos? Some companies don’t think twice about blurry images or bad photo composition.

6. Does the photo booth operator know how to engage your guests in fun and appropriate ways? Do they help build excitement, or just stand there waiting for your guests to wander up?

7. Do they make their images readily and easily available on social media like Facebook and Instagram? Can they provide animated GIF creations?

8. Are they Colorado owned and Colorado proud? It’s always great to support local businesses.

It’s wise to do your research and screen several choosing a photo booth. After all, this is one of the most important days of your life, and you want everything to be perfect. We hope you’ll consider talking to one of the experts at MiHi Photo Booth before you make your decision. We’ll make it worth your while.

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