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Floral Wedding Backdrop

Look at this Floral Wedding Backdrop-

Though wedding planning is fun, it can also be tough to nail down all of the minor details that bring a party together. You don’t want your decorations to clash with the style of flowers, even if both separately look beautiful. This wedding we did recently was designed perfectly, from the flowers in the venue to the floral wedding backdrop.

Floral Wedding Backdrop

Floral Wedding Backdrop

We had the privilege and honor to work closely with Meagan Broadaway for her wedding at the Chatfield Green Farm Barn. Meagan is the owner of Whimsy Design Studio, a Denver company that makes custom invitations and event stationary that has been featured on Ruffled and other great wedding sites, so we knew we were going to get to see some beautiful work at her reception. Her white on white floral wedding backdrop took center stage and wowed her friends and family as they lined up to get their pictures taken with it. This backdrop, handmade especially for Meagan’s wedding, took months to make but we think it was worth every minute spent!

We were able to capture this cute moment from both our photo booth and also a camera off to the side. The lighting from our flash shows off the intricate textures of each flower, while at the same time keeping our couple as the subject of focus. We are always coming up with new ideas and working with creative professionals to offer our brides a completely unique wedding experience. If you have any ideas that you’d like done, drop us a line and we will point you in the right direction or even create it for you!

For great inspiration and custom stationary, visit Meagan’s website at and follow her IG: @whimsydesignstudio

Happy Wedding Planning and stay tuned for more great ideas!

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