• Justin Petry

Photo Booth vs. Studio Photographers

I read an article the other day that started with the sentence “the photo booth and its concept are dead”. It continued to talk about the negative aspects of a photo booth and how a live, or studio photographer is much more interactive and creates a better experience for those using the service. While this may hold true for the old style photo booths that are now only found in malls and amusement parks, I strongly disagree with the article when comparing it to the modern photo booths that are available today.

I believe that studio photographers and photo booths serve completely different purposes, which is why the article I read inspired me to write this post. In my mind, they shouldn’t be compared and contrasted because in my mind, each service has completely different potentials.

A studio photographer arrives, set up his station and begins taking photos. He is interactive with the people in the photo and doesn’t snap the picture until they’re ready. Props are rarely used and after the photo is taken, it is usually edited before it’s printed- if it’s printed on-site. With a photo booth, an attendant arrives and sets up the photo booth, as well as the beautiful backdrop and props. Then they’re ready for the fun to start! The guests are able to see themselves on the screen before the photo is taken so they’re ready for the snap of each photo with new faces and poses. A line usually forms, but moves quickly since the printer prints the photos within seven seconds. The pictures are a mixture of candid laughs and beautiful smiles.

The article I read mentioned that photo booths don’t get personal with event guests like studio photographers but I argue the opposite. Our photo booth attendants are constantly interacting with guests. They help change out props between photos, suggest new poses, and even make the notorious un-smiler, smile. I can’t count how many times our attendants have been pulled in on the fun with the guests!

Studio photographers are great for head shots or portraits but if you’re looking to add fun to your events, a photo booth is the right option for you. Not only will the photos look good if the photo booth is using the right equipment (read about photo booth cameras here), but your guests will be able to walk away with their photos in hand. To me, studio photographers provide a service that is focused solely on the finished product, but with photo booths, its more than just the photo, it’s the entire experience.


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