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The Parador – Houston Events

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Your Wedding Day at The Parador

Built in 1928, The Parador is a sate historical site. Styled with the atmosphere of both byzantine and Mediterranean. This gorgeous venue will add a special touch to an already special day. With the guest capacity of 00, maybe more, the size of your guests list is no problem here.

Don’t forget about your Houston photo booth. A fun, meaningful way to capture those special, intimate memories, along with the fun loving, spur of the moment ones as well. It is a great addition to your wedding enjoyment.

The ins and Outs

At The Parador, there are two adjoining event spaces. Each one with its own courtyard and garden. One space known as the Duomo, and referred to as the centerpiece of the venue. It sports a 30-foot dome and a tiered floor design. This area can easily accommodate a ceremony or reception depending on your preference or needs. The lovely dance floor to give you room to celebrate with those closest to you. The beautiful stage leads you to a garden area if you are looking for a little nature.

So many wonderful aspects of the event space not only enhance the area, but provide beautiful options for backdrops. The Houston photo booth of your choice will fit in perfectly and each of the photos taken will be just the way you wanted them.




Elegant Yet Reserved

If you are looking for a quaint spot to say I do, or party after, The Parador can assist you. The Cloister room, may be the ideal choice. The elegance of it is not overstated, and it too has a private courtyard. The private area provides a nice place for more intimate conversations or to enjoy some outdoor beauty.

Have no fear! Your Houston photo booth matches this choice as well, and will impress guests here, as they would in any other event space. If you are not sure of the perfect photo location for your backdrop, the staff is very knowledgeable and will help you pin point your spot.

Let’s go visit the Garden

Outside in the garden of The Parador, you will be in awe at the sight of stunning sculptured fountains. Along with the magical scenery, you will find the seating area, pavilion, and more. A perfect outdoor ceremony area, fitting over 200 guests, or for a smaller reception being able to comfortably accommodate up to 150.

If you always pictured your wedding day taking place in the beautiful outdoors, a gently breeze, the sounds of birds chirping and the sun or moon in the sky, that the garden is inspiring. A Houston photo booth making all of your memories easy and fun to share for years to come.

Making it Your Kind of Perfect

Each event space at The Parador is unique, fresh, and waiting to help you achieve all that you want to. From the first conversation to saying thank you at the end of the night, the staff will be there to make sure all your worries are resolved and your wedding day a success.

It’s a new way of creating your photo album, and now you don’t have to wait. You’ll be able to take your photos with you when you go, and share them as soon as you want to thanks in part to you, your guests, and your Houston photo booth.


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